One of the fun things with a time travel game is that the player character’s quickly start to populate history. Mapping out the chronology of their adventures reveal the bizarre way in which their existence is being stretched into the past and into the future.

Below you’ll find the time line for my own Doctor Who campaign, featuring the exploits of the Inspector and his companion. You can see that when they met Amelia Earhart in 1937, their future selves had already had their adventure in Roanoke 4 years ago.

Not only are time lines a fun way to keep track of the player character’s adventures they help to prevent accidental paradoxes, for example creating a story that overlaps with a previous visit to the same time zone.

They can also be an interesting source of adventures. If events were left unresolved you can set a game some years afterwards, the player characters caught up in unfinished business.

With enough preparation you can even have them encountering the consequences of an adventure that they haven’t had yet. If you established something interesting in the background of an adventure you could always go back and have the player character’s explore that facet, becoming a part of that history.

YEAR                                        LOCATION                            STORY

900 BC                                    San Lorenzo, Mexico            Secret of the Jaguar

1570                                        Hven, Sweden                        Time Lord Witch

1580                                        Hven, Sweden                        Time Lost

1588                                        Roanoke, Virginia, US           Croatoan

1788                                        Paris, France                          Cult of the Daleks

1816                                        New York, US                        Year without Summer

1900, June 13th                    Beijing China                          Spirit Uprising

1933, December 22nd           Roanoke, Virgina, US            Pest Control

1937, July 4th                        Gardner Island                      Fallen Angel

1945                                      Dalane                                     Forever Twilight

1981                                      Portland, Oregon, US            Gemini Rising

1988                                     Arcadia                                    House of Mirrors

2111                                     Chist                                         The Big Smoke

3999                                    Talis                                         The Empty Men/Dark Sun

500 billion                          Deep Space                              Nursery

?                                         Gallifrey                                   The Fall of Gallifrey

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