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“I’ve Set The TARDIS To Adventure Setting.”

‘Good as Gold’ is a mini episode written by the children of Ashdene school. After Amy reads that they should have an adventure every week the Doctor sets the TARDIS to adventure setting and lands them 2012 Olympics where a … Continue reading

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The ‘Doctor Who – Brilliant Book 2011’ certainly lived up to its name, as did the 2012 edition, and it is a shame that we didn’t get one for 2013. In addition to behind the scene information there were nice … Continue reading

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“A space loop. Nothing can enter or leave this ship ever again.”

Broadcast as part of Red Nose Day 2011 and later released as part of the 6th series box sets ‘Space/Time’ is an entertaining mini-episode that captures a lot of the themes of the 11th Doctor era. Airing between ‘A Christmas … Continue reading

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“Oh, Davros, I am far more than just another Time Lord.”

In ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’ Davros attempts to belittle the Doctor by stating that he is just another Time Lord. The Doctor retorts that he is far more. There are several ways this can be interpreted, which can impact upon … Continue reading

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The 50th Anniversary Trailer: Part 4

The 10th Doctor Away from the conflict surrounding his previous incarnations is the 10th Doctor. In front of him is what could be a younger War Doctor. Has the 10th Doctor stumbled across this moment, is he coming to the … Continue reading

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The 50th Anniversary Trailer: Part 3

5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Doctor The next scene in the trailer is harder to analyse as we are presented with a chaotic battlefield, upon which the various Doctor’s are surrounded by their enemies. There are two ways we … Continue reading

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The 50th Anniversary Trailer: Part 2

We continue our look at the 50th Anniversary trailer and already the many options available to us present a way to tie everything together. The 3rd Doctor Here we have the 3rd Doctor in a sword fight with the Master … Continue reading

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The 50th Anniversary Trailer: Part 1

The excitement for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who episode ‘Day Of The Doctor’ began with the release of a fantastic trailer. All 11 Doctors were shown, frozen in time at a moment of crisis. When the episode itself aired … Continue reading

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“Do you really think he’s back there, trying to wave to us, out of history books?”

With the 11th Doctor routinely dropping off his companions there is a wealth of material for additional adventures, set between the episodes. ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ begins with Amy reading a history book which details a few of these. Charles II … Continue reading

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“But it’s 1869. How can I die now?”

In ‘The Unquiet Dead’ Rose ponders how she could die in the past, before she is born. This illustrates the difficulty that some people have with the concept of time travel. This is Rose’s first trip into the past and … Continue reading

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