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“Touch me, Doctor, and you’ll be looking at yourself. I am alone.”

‘Time Heist’ introduces Saibra, a shape-shifting mutant. The existence of mutants allows you to mix Doctor Who and X-Men into a single setting. Mutations are a good way to give human characters interesting powers. There are many different ways in … Continue reading

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After years of providing free roleplaying content I’ve written a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition adventure called ‘The Long Night’ available to buy The Dungeon Masters Guild here. If you’ve enjoyed my work on this blog please consider giving this … Continue reading

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“I am Clara Oswald, human. I have agreed to this memory wipe of my own free will. Do I really have to touch that worm thing?”

I’ve discussed the use of the Memory Worm here but ‘Time Heist’ presents another way to use them in your campaign. One moment the Doctor and Clara are on Earth when the phone rings and when they answer they are … Continue reading

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“If you ever need help with another bank heist…”

Having successfully masterminded a bank robbery in ‘Time Heist’ the Doctor does seem keen to team up with Psi on a future caper. This pursuit would appeal to his anti-authoritarian, anarchist streak not to mention he would relish the opportunity … Continue reading

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“The Teselecta. A Doctor in a Doctor suit.”

In ‘The Wedding of River Song’ The Doctor knows that history says he dies by the Lake of Silencio. It is a fixed point but he really doesn’t want to die. So the Doctor cheats history. Borrowing the shapeshifting Teselecta … Continue reading

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“What if there was nothing? What if there never was anything?”

The twist at the end of ‘Listen’ is that there never was a mysterious unknown race. Having spent too long travelling alone the Doctor invented monsters to explain his fear of the dark. It is probably important to note that … Continue reading

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“He can’t just run away crying all the time if he wants to join the army.”

After the previous episode ‘Robot of Sherwood’ gave us a mythical version of the Doctor’s origin ‘Listen’ gives us a much more humble glimpse at the early life of the Time Lord. Due to the safe guards being removed Clara … Continue reading

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“Pioneer time traveller. Rode the first of the great time shots. They were supposed to fire him into the middle of next week.”

During their search for monsters under the bed in ‘Listen’ the Doctor and Clara encounter Orson Pink. A 100 years into Clara’s future he is a descendant of Danny Pink. The reason that they found him at the end of … Continue reading

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“Is this what you’re like when I not….?”

‘The Husbands of River Song’, written by Steven Moffat, opens on Christmas day in the year 5343 on the planet Mendorax Dellora. Due to a case of mistaken identity the Doctor is summoned to save the life of King Hydroflax … Continue reading

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“TARDIS telepathic interface. You’re in mental contact with the TARDIS. So don’t think anything rude.”

‘Listen’ introduces a new way to pilot the TARDIS. The Doctor exposes a section of the console, revealing a jellylike substance. This is the telepathic interface, allowing Clara to put her fingers into it and form a link with the … Continue reading

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