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The UNIT Campaign: The Mind of Evil

Thunderbolt II ‘The Mind of Evil’ expands the duties of UNIT to oversee the first World Peace Conference and the disposal of an illegal nerve gas missile. This allows for a UNIT campaign to branch out into espionage, allowing for … Continue reading

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The UNIT Campaign: The British Space Programme

A big difference in the Doctor Who setting is the presence of a British Space Programme. It is featured heavily in ‘The Ambassadors of Death’, the supposed colonists in ‘Invasion of the Dinosaurs’ accept the existence of Earth constructed spaceships … Continue reading

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The UNIT Campaign: Liz Shaw

Liz Shaw mysteriously left the Doctor’s company between ‘Inferno’ and ‘Terror of the Autons.’ Subsequent books and audios have added further adventures but there is always room for more, especially in a UNIT campaign. A write-up of Liz Shaw is … Continue reading

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The UNIT Campaign: Inferno

The following adventure ideas can take place during and after the events of ‘Inferno’. Hour Of The Wolf The PCs are part of the UNIT security force at the Inferno Project. What they are unaware of is this is a … Continue reading

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The UNIT Campaign: Doctor Who and the Silurians

Here are some adventure ideas for a UNIT campaign following the chronology of the show. TUNNEL RATS The Brigadier ordered the Silurian base sealed. Demolition charges were used to collapse tunnels but the PCs are the unlucky ones sent down … Continue reading

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The UNIT Campaign: Spearhead From Space

With the release of the ‘Defending the Earth: The UNIT Sourcebook’ I thought it would be appropriate to provide some UNIT themed adventures for anyone wishing to run such a campaign. I’ll first be looking at adventures to tie in … Continue reading

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Defending The Earth: THE UNIT Sourcebook

After much anticipation the latest supplement from Cubicle 7 has been released and it has been worth the wait. UNIT are nearly as important to the show as the Doctor is. Since their introduction in ‘The Invasion’ (after trial run … Continue reading

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50th Anniversary Campaign: Time Is A Weapon

Adventure 3: UNIT/Alien Invasion UNIT have been an important part of the Doctor Who universe and should be represented in a celebration of the shows 50th anniversary. With this in mind the focus of the adventure should be an alien … Continue reading

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“Oh no. Well, that’s not me at all!”

‘Spearhead from space’ by Robert Holmes doesn’t just regenerate the Doctor but the whole series. From this episode onwards the Doctor will spend a lengthy amount of time in the same place, unable to use his TARDIS. No longer does … Continue reading

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