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“The Silence, Doctor. We are the Silence. And Silence will fall!”

Having established their attributes and skills let us now turn our attention to the traits. Traits are what make a race unique, the correct combination setting them apart from the player characters or other alien species. Alien appearance is the … Continue reading

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“You should kill us all on sight.”

The Silence are the enigmatic species introduced in ‘The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon’, making an immediate impression. They have since returned in ‘The Wedding of River Song’ and doubtlessly will be seen again. They make good returning monsters for … Continue reading

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“Doctor, it’s more fun my way. I can make things happen ahead of their time.”

The Meddling Monk Sometimes students dream of exploring time and space, not to conquer or do good, but to have fun. All of reality is their playground and what is the point of being a Time Lord if you have … Continue reading

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“He used to be a friend of mine once. A very good friend. In fact, you might say we were at school together.”

Any closed society is going to establish its own culture, particularly one with such history as the Time Lord Academy. This culture adds flavour to the normally scholarly activity, making things much more interesting for the player characters and possibly … Continue reading

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“Children of Gallifrey were taken from their families at the age of eight, to enter the Academy.”

Running a game based at the Time Academy is very different from a standard adventure.The majority of the game is about a routine. The player characters attend classes, socialise, study and repeat. The goal is not to defeat evil but … Continue reading

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“Believe it or not we were at the academy together.”

When the BBC wanted a children’s spin-off from the main program they suggested ‘Young Doctor Who.’ Luckily we got ‘The Sarah Jane Smith Adventures’ instead but one has to wonder what it would have been like. The most obvious answer … Continue reading

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The stories of the summoning are varied and contradictory.

Last time we discussed centring an adventure or campaign around the ritualistic time travel explored in ‘The Adventuress of Henrietta Street.’ Such an under taking requires a few rules to create characters versed in such arts. Firstly we need a … Continue reading

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