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“You’re a talented watercolourist, professor of psychology and ghost hunter. Total pleasure. Massive.”

‘Hide’ has the Doctor and Clara crashing a ghost hunt at Caliburn House conducted by Major Alec Palmer and Emma Grayling. Supernatural investigations are can serve as the inspiration for an adventure or the basis of a campaign. The classic … Continue reading

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“She’s in a pocket universe. A distorted echo of our own. They happen sometimes but never last for long.”

In ‘Hide’ the Doctor discovers the source of ghostly sightings is a pocket dimension, where a stranded time traveller is struggling to get home. The Doctor is not surprised at its existence, stating that they just happen. He clarifies to … Continue reading

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“To you I am a ghost. We’re all ghosts to you.”

‘Hide’, written by Neil Cross, is a spooky story. Rich in atmosphere, brilliant directing and some excellent guest stars hampered only by worrying shifts in tone, unfortunately side-lining Clara and rushing the ending. Spoilers From Here On! Just as ‘Cold … Continue reading

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