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‘Dr Who and the Daleks’ and its sequel ‘Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 AD’ promised to bring Doctor Who to the big screen. While the story might be familiar and include the TARDIS there were many differences. The Doctor is … Continue reading

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“I don’t think the universe makes bargains.”

In ‘The Snowmen’ Clara lies dying and the Doctor has no way to save her. Yet he tells Clara he knows she will live, because he knows she will be his companion. He makes a bargain with her that if … Continue reading

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“I have written down some of these dreams in the form of fiction… um… not that it would be of any interest..”

Any movie that reimagines Doctor Who will have a hard time producing a storyline that could possibly capture the essential essence of the series. A games master has a much easier and exciting prospect. Nearly fifty years of television, books … Continue reading

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“So maybe this is it! First contact! The day mankind officially comes into contact with an alien race.”

In reimaging Doctor who a games master also gets to reimagine Earth’s history, at least in relation to what has been depicted in the tv show. Nothing can be taken for granted any more. The most obvious deviation from our … Continue reading

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“My planet’s gone. It’s dead. It burned… It’s just rocks and dust. Before its time… There was a war.”

One of the most ingenious aspects of the New Series was the introduction of the Time War. The Doctor wasn’t just an exile, he was now the last of his kind. What better way to make the title character even … Continue reading

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“Today, the Kaled race is ended, consumed in a fire of war. But, from its ashes will rise a new race.”

In reinterpreting Doctor Who we must consider the Daleks. No other race has had as much impact on the show, changing the very course of the series. Even their names are bigger that the Doctor’s on the Peter Cushing movie … Continue reading

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“Eh? Doctor who? What’s he talking about…?”

Marvel’s ‘Ultimate’ line was very successful in its early years at refining characters to their core. The advantage they had was that they could draw upon decades of material, picking only the best elements to introduce into their re-imagining, will … Continue reading

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“You are privileged, young man, to be the first visitor to our time and space machine.”

The rumours have once again begun that there will be a ‘Doctor Who’ movie, reinventing the franchise for the big screen. It remains to be seen whether this actually materialises but it does suggest a new way to run a … Continue reading

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“I say, I may have had a bang on the head but this is a dashed queer story.”

The Victorian era is a perfect match for Doctor Who. It is often said that the Doctor dresses in clothes that are reminiscent of that era, at least he did until his 9th incarnation (but even he dressed for the … Continue reading

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“Man who goes too quickly step in bear trap.”

After our jaunt to the 51st century we now travel back to Victorian London to follow a refugee from that time zone in ‘The Talons of Weng-Chang’. Written by Robert Holmes it is a good illustration of changing the format … Continue reading

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