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“Save Danny. Bring him back or I swear you will never step inside your TARDIS again.”

What happens when a companion goes bad? In ‘Dark Water’ Clara is grief stricken when Danny dies. She refuses to cry and comes up with a coldly calculated plan. She tricks the Doctor into taking her to a volcano, gathers … Continue reading

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“She exploits the wealth and the mortal remains of selected idiots, so she can create a whole new race of Cybermen.”

‘Dark Water’ introduces a new model of Cyberman. It is likely that Missy acquired their technology from the same era depicted in ‘Nightmare In Silver’ and modified them. The chief difference is that the Cybermen can now convert others without … Continue reading

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“What I’m about to play you will change your life and not for the better.”

‘Dark Water’, written by Steven Moffat, is the 1st part of the two part finale for season 8. A sudden death leads the Doctor and Clara to try and find the afterlife. What they find has horrifying ramifications and the … Continue reading

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