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“I speak horse. He’s called Susan and he wants you to respect his life choices.”

Any science fiction series that has the protagonist encountering alien species has to address the issue of language sooner or later. The Doctor has the added complication that he also travels in time, meaning he and his companions have to … Continue reading

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“Anachronistic electricity. Keep Out signs. Aggressive stares. Has someone been peeking at my Christmas list?”

‘A Town Called Mercy’ begins with the Doctor discovering electric lights in a Western town 10 year too early. This immediately intrigues him and shows how anachronisms can be the spark of a new adventure. In most campaigns PCs will … Continue reading

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"Today I honour the victims first. His, the Master’s, the Daleks’, all the people who died because of my mercy."

‘A Town Called Mercy’, written by Toby Whithouse, effectively used the background of the Old West to produce an enjoyable companion piece to ‘The God Complex.’ Once again Whithouse explores the Doctor’s methodology, especially in regard to the nature of … Continue reading

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