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‘The Wrong Doctors’, written by Matt Fitton, tries to resolve the mystery of how the Doctor first met Melanie Bush. Having being pulled from his future he attempts to drop her off at Pease Pottage just as a slightly older … Continue reading

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‘Peri and The Piscon Paradox’, written by Nev Fountain, is a very entertaining Companion Chronicle. The 5th Doctor and Peri arrive in LA, 2009 to deal with a fish like alien only to bump into an older Peri. Making great … Continue reading

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The 50th Anniversary Trailer: Part 3

5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Doctor The next scene in the trailer is harder to analyse as we are presented with a chaotic battlefield, upon which the various Doctor’s are surrounded by their enemies. There are two ways we … Continue reading

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“By order of the High Council, this is an impartial enquiry into the behaviour of the accused person, known as the Doctor.”

‘Trial Of A Time Lord’ was the name over arcing plot of the 23rd Season of Doctor Who. The Time Lord in question was the Doctor, accused of meddling in the affairs of other planets and transgressing the First Law … Continue reading

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“There should have been another way.”

The 5th Doctor’s youthful appearance was coupled with a different demeanour. He lacked the striking presence of his predecessor, more likely to observe and contemplate than burst into a room. Much of this must lie in his first adventure during … Continue reading

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