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“Ponds, always fine. Worrying unnecessarily.”

‘Pond Life’, written by Chris Chibnall, was a series of mini-episodes showing married life for the Ponds and their eventual separation before the events of ‘Asylum Of The Daleks’. As they are so short they can only hint at larger … Continue reading

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“Typical Doctor. Some Things Will Never Change.”

The mini-episode ‘Death Is The Only Answer’, written by the children of Oakley CE Junior School, reunites the Doctor with Albert Einstein (after they last encountered each other on-screen in ‘Time and The Rani’) and an Ood (who seem to … Continue reading

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“I’ve Set The TARDIS To Adventure Setting.”

‘Good as Gold’ is a mini episode written by the children of Ashdene school. After Amy reads that they should have an adventure every week the Doctor sets the TARDIS to adventure setting and lands them 2012 Olympics where a … Continue reading

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The ‘Doctor Who – Brilliant Book 2011’ certainly lived up to its name, as did the 2012 edition, and it is a shame that we didn’t get one for 2013. In addition to behind the scene information there were nice … Continue reading

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“A space loop. Nothing can enter or leave this ship ever again.”

Broadcast as part of Red Nose Day 2011 and later released as part of the 6th series box sets ‘Space/Time’ is an entertaining mini-episode that captures a lot of the themes of the 11th Doctor era. Airing between ‘A Christmas … Continue reading

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The 50th Anniversary Trailer: Part 4

The 10th Doctor Away from the conflict surrounding his previous incarnations is the 10th Doctor. In front of him is what could be a younger War Doctor. Has the 10th Doctor stumbled across this moment, is he coming to the … Continue reading

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“Do you really think he’s back there, trying to wave to us, out of history books?”

With the 11th Doctor routinely dropping off his companions there is a wealth of material for additional adventures, set between the episodes. ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ begins with Amy reading a history book which details a few of these. Charles II … Continue reading

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“The time engine isn’t in the flat, the time engine is the flat. Someone’s attempt to build a TARDIS.”

In ‘The Lodger’ the Doctor discovers a mysterious time machine, using a perception filter to disguise itself as the top floor of a flat. While we don’t learn who owned the time machine in this episode it is suggested in … Continue reading

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“She’s in a pocket universe. A distorted echo of our own. They happen sometimes but never last for long.”

In ‘Hide’ the Doctor discovers the source of ghostly sightings is a pocket dimension, where a stranded time traveller is struggling to get home. The Doctor is not surprised at its existence, stating that they just happen. He clarifies to … Continue reading

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“Rory and Amy, I know where to find your daughter, and on my life, she will be safe. River, get them all home.”

At the end of ‘A Good Man Goes To War’ the Doctor sets off to find the stolen Melody Pond, leaving the rest of his friends on the space station, Demon’s Run. He leaves the responsibility of getting everyone home … Continue reading

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