knighttrees After years of providing free roleplaying content I’ve written a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition adventure called ‘The Long Night’ available to buy The Dungeon Masters Guild here.

If you’ve enjoyed my work on this blog please consider giving this a look.

‘The Long Night’ is designed to be a fun scenario to introduce players to the game and the setting of the Forgotten Realms.

Based in Dalelands the PCs are in a village celebrating Festival of Song: a series of Evenings with the Poets. Prepared by the author of “Salad for the Solitary” ... (F. Saunders). With ... pictures by Members of the National Academy of Design. Engraved by Bobbett and Hooper the annual Midsummer festival, which culminates with maidens entering the woods to be hunted by their suitors.

When neither the maidens or the suitors return the villagers turn to the PCs for help. They must venture into the woods to find that there is an unwelcome guest to the festivities.

Encouraging problem solving over hack & slash (although there is the potential for several fights) and a focus on interaction with those involved this can serve as a side adventure or the start of a whole campaign.

If you enjoy it let me know!

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