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“I’m bored. Let’s go somewhere fun, what do you say?”

The beginning of ‘The Caretaker’ gives us a whirlwind tour of Clara’s life, dashing around in the TARDIS between dates with Danny Pink. We are only given glimpses of these adventures but is enough to develop adventures around, if you … Continue reading

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“I’m a hacker slash bank robber.”

One of the people recruited by the Doctor in ‘Time Heist’ is Psi, an augmented human. The computer inside his head proves to be very useful in accessing the bank’s computers and downloading information. Psi claims that he is a … Continue reading

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“Touch me, Doctor, and you’ll be looking at yourself. I am alone.”

‘Time Heist’ introduces Saibra, a shape-shifting mutant. The existence of mutants allows you to mix Doctor Who and X-Men into a single setting. Mutations are a good way to give human characters interesting powers. There are many different ways in … Continue reading

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After years of providing free roleplaying content I’ve written a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition adventure called ‘The Long Night’ available to buy The Dungeon Masters Guild here. If you’ve enjoyed my work on this blog please consider giving this … Continue reading

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“I am Clara Oswald, human. I have agreed to this memory wipe of my own free will. Do I really have to touch that worm thing?”

I’ve discussed the use of the Memory Worm here but ‘Time Heist’ presents another way to use them in your campaign. One moment the Doctor and Clara are on Earth when the phone rings and when they answer they are … Continue reading

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