“The Teselecta. A Doctor in a Doctor suit.”

doctorinadoctorsuitIn ‘The Wedding of River Song’ The Doctor knows that history says he dies by the Lake of Silencio. It is a fixed point but he really doesn’t want to die. So the Doctor cheats history.

Borrowing the shapeshifting Teselecta from ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ he allows the suit to be shot by River Song, while he is safely inside, shrunken down and with the TARDIS ready to whisk him away before they give the suit a viking funeral.

What we don’t see if what happens between the Doctor acquiring the suit and his trip to Utah. While he had possession of the teselecta it would be a shame not to make use of it. Not only does it give him some degree of protection but it can shapeshift.

In theory this allows the Doctor to pose as an earlier incarnation. This would allow him to go back and visit some old companions wearing a face they would recognise and avoid any possible problems of them meeting a later incarnation out of order.

This could lead to adventures in which the Doctor has to pretend to be an earlier incarnation. Can he remember how he used to behave? Meanwhile his companions might realise that something is different about ‘their’ Doctor. Will they discover the truth?

The Doctor could cross his own time stream to try and tie up some loose ends on his existing adventures. All he need do is wait until his past incarnation has stepped away and take their place for a short time, perhaps recruiting the aide of the current companions. Just as ‘Time of the Angels’ had a future incarnation of the 11th Doctor briefly appear this might be almost seamless.

One such loose end might be to familiarise River Song with his previous incarnations. He knows he met her during his 10th incarnation and at this point knows that this is his last incarnation (or so he thinks). The 11th Doctor must therefore think that in order for her to know other versions of himself she must need to meet earlier incarnations but that would disrupt his personal timeline.

With the Teselecta all he has to do is retrieve her from the Storm Cage wearing his past faces. As long as River doesn’t look too closely into his eyes she can have adventures with his earlier incarnations.

A later incarnation of the Doctor might get the same idea. This could explain the presence of the curator in ‘Day of The Doctor’ and his talk of revisiting a few favourite faces, hence why he looks like an older 4th incarnation.

It should be remembered as well that the Doctor isn’t restricted to impersonating himself. He could assume the form of a companion or other ally, aiding his younger self in adventures while carrying out his own agenda.

The Teselecta could allow him to engage in missions behind enemy lines, where his appearance would not normally allow him to go. He could gain valuable information about Ice Warriors, Sontarans, Cybermen, Draconians and more and sabotage their plans without their knowing.

Again the Doctor might decide to give his earlier incarnations some help. The 11th Doctor had already decided he was going to cheat history so why not see how far he can push his luck? He could be the apparently incompetent guard or henchmen that made it possible to steal vital components, escape prisons and infiltrate secret headquarters.

What if the Justice Department or other agencies learnt what the Doctor had done? The Doctor has a near legendary status and anyone who looked like him could benefit from that.

Players could take the role of crewing a Teselecta designed to adopt the various incarnations of the Doctor. It might take multiple people to pull off the sheer agility, genius and charm that the Time Lord possess.

Multiple Teselectas could travel together, taking the form of companions appropriate to the Doctor the other Teselecta is impersonating. This would help reinforce their story, as the ‘companions’ can convince others that it really is the Doctor.

This allows players to take the role of the Doctor and his companions without playing the characters themselves. Further more they can change identities from adventure to adventure, based on what is most appropriate.

This could further increase the legend of the Doctor. To the galactic community it could really seem as if the Doctor is everywhere and every when, always ready to save the day. This could explain why some enemies believe they’ve met the Doctor when he has no knowledge of this encounter (such as the cybermen believing they met the Doctor and Jamie on Planet 14 in ‘The Invasion’).

It might be necessary for someone to try this ploy if it seems as if the Doctor has really died. To prevent evil in the universe exploiting his absence brave pilots may volunteer to convince everyone that he is still alive. This mission could be classified, forcing them to give up their own identities forever.

An interesting idea for a character is one that always stays inside the Teselecta. It would provide them with a degree of protection and their companions would always wonder what they really look like.

A malfunction could prevent the Teselecta from changing shape or changing into a new random appearance each time they arrive in a new time period (which may or may not help them blend in). Damage that would have killed the person, if not for their Teselecta, could trigger a physical transformation. This could convince others that they are a Time Lord.

The pilot might have no choice but to remain in the Teselecta. With limited supplies and energy resources they know that the suit will be their tomb. Do they spend time trying to find a way out or do they accept their fate and make the best of the time they have left?

All of these ideas can be switched around so that the PCs are the ones who encounter a disguised Teselecta. The odd behaviour of the ‘Doctor’ could tip them off that something isn’t right but is the user of the Teselecta doing it for the right reasons?

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