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“If you ever need help with another bank heist…”

Having successfully masterminded a bank robbery in ‘Time Heist’ the Doctor does seem keen to team up with Psi on a future caper. This pursuit would appeal to his anti-authoritarian, anarchist streak not to mention he would relish the opportunity … Continue reading

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“The Teselecta. A Doctor in a Doctor suit.”

In ‘The Wedding of River Song’ The Doctor knows that history says he dies by the Lake of Silencio. It is a fixed point but he really doesn’t want to die. So the Doctor cheats history. Borrowing the shapeshifting Teselecta … Continue reading

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“What if there was nothing? What if there never was anything?”

The twist at the end of ‘Listen’ is that there never was a mysterious unknown race. Having spent too long travelling alone the Doctor invented monsters to explain his fear of the dark. It is probably important to note that … Continue reading

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“He can’t just run away crying all the time if he wants to join the army.”

After the previous episode ‘Robot of Sherwood’ gave us a mythical version of the Doctor’s origin ‘Listen’ gives us a much more humble glimpse at the early life of the Time Lord. Due to the safe guards being removed Clara … Continue reading

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