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“Underneath it all, I think you’re kind and you’re definitely brave. I just wish you hadn’t been a soldier.”

Not everyone who wants to travel with the Doctor gets that chance. Such is the fate of Journey Blue, who is turned down by the Doctor at the end of ‘Into the Dalek’. The reason he gives is that she … Continue reading

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“Gallows humour can be tricky. But at least there’s never a second house.”

‘The Woman Who Lived’, written by Catherine Tregenna, features the Doctor tracking down an alien artefact on his own in 1651 only to run into the now immortal Ashildr. Calling herself Me she is a lady by day, highwayman at … Continue reading

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“You’re not my boss, you’re one of my hobbies.”

Clara makes it clear to the Doctor in ‘Into the Dalek’ that she is not his full time companion. She is a teacher now and her job is a big commitment. In contrast her travels with the Time Lord are … Continue reading

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“See, all it needed was the Benny Hill theme.”

‘The Girl Who Died’, written by Jamie Mathieson and Steven Moffat, finds the Doctor and Clara captured by vikings. Brought to their village the Doctor tries to impersonate their god Odin but is upstaged by the war-like race, the Mire. … Continue reading

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“A Dalek so damaged, it’s turned good. Morality as a malfunction.”

‘Into the Dalek’ introduces Rusty. Human rebels discovered him drifting in space and assumed he was deactivated. It was only when they tried to open up that they awakened him. They discovered that this Dalek wanted to kill the rest … Continue reading

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“That’s the thing about knowing you’re going to die. You’ve got nothing left to lose.”

‘Before the Flood’, written by Toby Whithouse, finds the action taking place in two different time zones. In 2119 Clara is with the few remaining survivors, outnumbered by the ghosts (including the Doctors). In the hanger the suspension chamber is … Continue reading

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“The Doctor was not the Daleks!”

During a conversation with Rusty the Dalek in ‘Into the Dalek’ the Doctor reveals something of his past. Until he travelled to Skaro he was just calling himself the Doctor. Afterwards he realised that the Doctor must not be the … Continue reading

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“It’s impossible. I hate it. It’s evil. It’s astonishing. I want to kiss it to death.”

‘Under The Lake’, by Toby Whithouse, is set in the Drum, an underwater mining facility located at the bottom of a Scottish lake in the year 2119. The crew have located an alien craft and are soon haunted by ghosts. … Continue reading

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