Presented here are a selection of adventure ideas that require some investigation. They work best with the Doctor and his companions but can easily be converted for your own characters.


The TARDIS has landed on the planet of Kraosos. The population are a peaceful, pleasant race but also empathic. They sense a great darkness within the Doctor and demand he stand trial before the Stones Of Judgement.

The Stones have the ability to determine the guilt of any set before them. If found guilty the accused will be changed into stone. Members of the planets council will act as witnesses to the trial.

While his companions might want to prove the Doctor innocent the Time Lord knows that he isn’t. He has done some terrible things and sometimes he has trouble living with that. Escape is a possibility but isn’t it time that he be held accountable for what he has done?

Yet the Stones of Judgement are not what they seem. Long ago they were used as a means to place people into hibernation during long space journeys. The population are not native to the world, having colonised it hundreds of years ago.

While the council believe that the Stones of Judgement have ancient wisdom it actually is triggered by the subconscious desire of the accused and the witnesses. If the majority wish the transformation to take place the accused is transformed.

Companions can discover the truth and then persuade the Doctor and the council that he doesn’t deserve this fate. Even if he is transformed someone with a strong desire can trigger the Stones of Judgement to reverse the process.

With the purpose of the Stones of Judgement discovered they can set about freeing those who were placed into hibernation long ago and never reawakened.

SUGGESTED DOCTORS: The 5th Doctor (guilty over the recent death of Adric), The 9th, 10th and 11th (guilt over his actions in the Time War) and the 12th (still trying to determine if he is a good man).


Years ago the Doctor and his companions saved the planet Idela from alien invasion. Now it has happening again and a different incarnation of the Doctor has arrived to save them again.

This adventure allows cutting back and fore between two different time periods, illustrating how events during the invasions keep repeating (the same horrific attacks, the same heroic sacrifices, the same lucky breaks that swing things in the heroes favour).

Companions learn about their predecessors actions and relationship with the Doctor, maybe evoking some jealousy. They might also question whether there is a point to this, since any world the Doctor saves will only be in danger in the future.

The Doctor, meanwhile, is focused on a bigger puzzle. Idela, while being a very pleasant planet, doesn’t offer much value to the alien invaders. Their real goal is the secret to the planets long periods of peace, a Time Gem.

This lost technology (possibly stolen from the Time Lords) sets up a modified time loop. The same 20 to 30 years repeat endlessly. All you have to do is loop the best decades over and over again.

The alien invaders want the gem for their own purposes but have now become part of the loop. Worse still so has the Doctor. Even if he is successful in saving the world the invasion will occur again in a few decades and he’ll find himself back there.

Finding and destroying the Time Gem causes the two time periods to briefly merge, allowing different Doctors and their companions to meet. Can they work together to put a stop to this once and for all and will the planet survive their released time winds?

SUGGESTED DOCTORS: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Doctor for the first time period with 10th Doctor (with Rose, fresh from learning that she wasn’t the first companion) or 11th Doctor (with Amy who fears that she is easily replaceable) for the latter period.


Seemingly unconnected murders in London get UNITs attention when the victims all turn out to be aliens in disguise. Investigation reveals that they were separate races, living in peace amongst humanity. They were apparently killed just because they were alien.

While the upper brass mark the case as a low priority those close to the Doctor call in the Time Lords help. Some of the victims were exiles, with no choice to be in London. This should hit close to home for the Doctor.

A scrawled symbol (in the aliens blood) can be traced to a radical political party called ‘Pure’. Companions might have to infiltrate, if they can stomach the groups radical stance that Britain should be purified of outsiders.

They discover that they are learning the identities and locations of the disguised aliens from a captured alien smuggler. He is being held and tortured in a remote location, owned by UNIT. It appears he is held by a UNIT soldier, badly scarred (both mentally and physically) by a previous alien attack.

From the perspective of this solider he is just following the mission of UNIT. Can he be reached or is he too far gone? The Doctor, his companions and UNIT need to act fast as the soldier has helped Pure obtain poison gas which they plan to release at an emergency meeting held by the community of hidden aliens.

SUGGESTED DOCTORS: 3rd, 4th, 5th and 11th Doctors


With his companions badly injured and beyond the help of the TARDIS medical bay the Doctor rushes them to renowned medical space station of Edana. While their physical bodies are repaired  with advanced technology their minds can rest and recuperate in a virtual garden of Eden.

Within this peace realm they discover their fellow patients are being brainwashed by a ‘serpent’. At first this appears to be the Master but he claims to be trapped in the virtual realm, betrayed by the cybermen. The true threat is the Mara, which is hoping to use the patients to bring itself into the physical world.

The Doctor has his hands full as the Cybermen reveal their presence, converting the staff before moving on to the patients. Can he keep his companions out of their hands and dare he awaken the slumbering Master to help him?

At the same time his companions must organise the patients to defend themselves from the influence of the Mara. The Master seems keen to aide them, using his hypnotism to free the patients minds but is he planning to turn them into his own slaves?

SUGGESTED DOCTORS: 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th Doctors

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