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‘The Forbidden Time’, written by David Lock, is a companion chronicle narrated by Anneke Wills as Polly and Frazer Hines as Jamie. It is a atmospheric tale in which a species who can walk through time, the Vist, cordon off … Continue reading

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‘Peri and The Piscon Paradox’, written by Nev Fountain, is a very entertaining Companion Chronicle. The 5th Doctor and Peri arrive in LA, 2009 to deal with a fish like alien only to bump into an older Peri. Making great … Continue reading

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“Oh, you’ve been eliminating yourself from history. You know you could be reconstructed by the hole you left.”

In ‘Nightmare In Silver’ Mr Clever (the cyber planner Doctor) correctly identifies that the Doctor has been deleting himself from databanks (including those of the cyberiad) but that his absence from the information would allow someone to work out that … Continue reading

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“I’ve been renewed! It’s part of the TARDIS. Without it, I couldn’t survive.”

It is commonly accepted that any Time Lord can regenerate due to an inherent biological process but in ‘The Power Of The Daleks’ the Doctor indicates that this is possible thanks to the TARDIS. This theory is mostly supported by … Continue reading

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“I met you once, in the Gamma Forests. You don’t remember me.”

In ‘A Good Man Goes To War’ we are introduced to Lorna Bucket. Having once met the Doctor she joined the Church so that she might meet him again. When she does she is dying and realises the Doctor doesn’t … Continue reading

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