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“So the official history says, but there are many rumours and legends to the contrary.”

In ‘The Five Doctors’ the 2nd Doctor tries to explain the contradictory history of Rassilon. He is generally accepted as a great figure but rumour indicates that he was also cruel, causing the Time Lords to rebel against him, locking … Continue reading

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“You’re a talented watercolourist, professor of psychology and ghost hunter. Total pleasure. Massive.”

‘Hide’ has the Doctor and Clara crashing a ghost hunt at Caliburn House conducted by Major Alec Palmer and Emma Grayling. Supernatural investigations are can serve as the inspiration for an adventure or the basis of a campaign. The classic … Continue reading

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“And I know things. Secrets that must never be told.”

I’ve already discussed how secrets are a key element of Doctor Who here and the Doctor discusses his own secrets in ‘The Rings of Akhaten’. It is a great speech and one worth analysing. It gives us the perspective of … Continue reading

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“Emergency. You’re my boyfriend.”

In ‘Time Of The Doctor’ Clara accidentally makes the Doctor think she wants him to be her boyfriend. She quickly clarifies that she only wants him to pretend to be her boyfriend for the benefit of her family who are … Continue reading

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