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“So many secrets, Doctor. I’ll help you keep them, of course…”

One of the defining characteristics of Steven Moffat and the 11th Doctor era is secrets. From the true identity of River Song, the mystery behind the cracks in time, the  nature of the impossible astronaut to the name of the … Continue reading

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“What if she’s a spy? What do we do?”

‘Time Warrior’, by Robert Holmes, introduces Sarah Jane Smith. When the Doctor first meets her she is posing as her aunt, to infiltrate the gathering of scientists. The Doctor quickly sees through her ruse and she confesses that she is … Continue reading

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“To Days To Come.”

‘Time Crash’, by Steven Moffat, is a 2007 mini episode for Children in Need. Due to the 10th Doctor failing to raise the TARDIS shields he collides with the 5th Doctor’s TARDIS. The resulting paradox threatens to blow a whole … Continue reading

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“Ponds, always fine. Worrying unnecessarily.”

‘Pond Life’, written by Chris Chibnall, was a series of mini-episodes showing married life for the Ponds and their eventual separation before the events of ‘Asylum Of The Daleks’. As they are so short they can only hint at larger … Continue reading

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