“I’ve Set The TARDIS To Adventure Setting.”

goodasgoldGood as Gold’ is a mini episode written by the children of Ashdene school. After Amy reads that they should have an adventure every week the Doctor sets the TARDIS to adventure setting and lands them 2012 Olympics where a torch bearer is pursued by a Weeping Angel.

This episode was aired between ‘The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe’ and ‘Asylum of the Daleks’. Since Amy says they haven’t had an adventure for ages it is unlikely that it occurs when the Doctor was visiting the Ponds to whisk them away for adventures (the implication is that she and the Doctor have been travelling without anything eventful occurring for a while).

It is possible that this might take place during ‘The Power of Three’ and Rory was just too busy at the hospital to go with the Doctor. It might happen before ‘Vampires of Venice’ since Amy is reading a book on what space travellers are expected to do.

It is more likely that it takes place after ‘Cold Blood’, after Rory was erased from history. If memories of her adventures with her husband were lost entirely (rather than just edited to remove his presence) she might believe that nothing has happened. The Doctor might also be avoiding stressful situations to try and protect her.

It is difficult to know whether the TARDIS really does have an adventure setting or whether the Doctor is just being flippant. Certainly the TARDIS does not react well to whatever the Doctor has done as it is forced to make an emergency landing, apparently materialising in the air before landing with a thud.

The torch bearer is able to enter the TARDIS with ease, suggesting either the doors aren’t always locked when the TARDIS appears or this is because of systems failing. The torch bearer says that he didn’t see the ship, which he attributes to the fact he was being chased but it could also indicate that the ship was cloaked (which might be for the best since a stadium full of people would have seen it otherwise).

The existence of the torch bearer leads to continuity problems in that it was the 10th Doctor who supposedly made the final leg of the journey. This story could be a lot more interesting if he had carried it into the 11th Doctors TARDIS.

It is possible that due to the technical difficulties (particularly an unauthorised bearer taking the torch) that the flame was carried again. It is also possible that the events of ‘Fear Her’ were erased by the cracks in time.

We also only have the Doctor’s observations that indicate the torch bearer is from the 2012 Olympics. While the torch bearer doesn’t contradict him he is distracted. He might also have reason to hide his true identity.

We learn that the torch bearer was being chased by a Weeping Angel, which also enters the TARDIS. The Doctor claims that it wants to steal the flame to destroy the spirit of excellence and friendship that it represents.

This wouldn’t really fit the usual methods or goals of the Weeping Angels. They’ve always been presented as only being driven to feed (and possibly multiply). Since it is never confirmed that this is what the Weeping Angel is doing this theory could be incorrect (it wouldn’t be the first time that the Doctor is wrong).

Yet ‘Time of the Angels/Flesh and Stone’ revealed that the Weeping Angels can be sadistic. Using the absorbed consciousness of the soldier Bob they taunt the Doctor, attempting to demoralise him.

It could be that Weeping Angels, once their hunger is sated, just enjoy torturing other species. Corrupting their values or simply ruining major events like this could be how they enjoy themselves. This can help give this particular monster larger goals.

Another possible motive is that the Weeping Angels can infect and convert anyone who witnesses them. It could be that this Weeping Angel is alone (particularly after the rest of its species were consumed by cracks in time) and is hoping to using the televised event to quickly replicate.

Given that a roaring crowd can be heard outside the TARDIS it does raise the question of just how the Weeping Angel was able to move without being quantum locked. One possible answer is that these events occur at the same moment in ‘Fear Her’ when those within the stadium vanished. This could give the Weeping Angel a small window of opportunity, with the sound of the crowd just being an echo.

The Doctor is able to despatch the Weeping Angel with relative ease using the sonic screwdriver. Since he has never used this tactic before or since this could be special situation. One reason for this might be that the Weeping Angel has entered the TARDIS. Its special nature with time could be weakened or eliminated here (meaning that an Angel couldn’t send someone into the past of the TARDIS interior).

The unresolved cliff hanger of the episode is the Weeping Angel reforming. This fits with the otherwise indestructible nature of the species. Even if the PCs believe that they’ve destroy an Angel there is the possibility that it could come back.

This opens the way for a future adventure following the events of this mini-episode. Does the Weeping Angel attack immediately or hide somewhere in the TARDIS? If this story does take place before ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ this could be the mysterious figure that many claim to see in the console room.

As a reward for saving the day the torch bearer gives the Doctor a gold medal. Putting aside the unlikelihood that a torch bearer would have such a medal to give out this memento could come back in a later story if the Doctor ever needs a source of gold to fight off a Cyberman.

At the resolution of the story the Doctor believes that they are still looking for adventure. Therefore he believes that the TARDIS didn’t purposely pick this moment to fulfil that criteria.

This allows you to set an adventure following these events. What would the Doctor consider an adventure? Amy seems to be happy that they are about to try again but considering that they were almost killed by a Weeping Angel might she not want something safer?

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