“Oh, Davros, I am far more than just another Time Lord.”

tauntingdavrosIn ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’ Davros attempts to belittle the Doctor by stating that he is just another Time Lord. The Doctor retorts that he is far more. There are several ways this can be interpreted, which can impact upon your own campaign.

The Cartmel Masterplan

The easiest way to take this is how it was probably intended, as part of the Cartmel Masterplan. I’ve discussed this here but in short this was an attempt to restore some mystery to the Doctor.

Lungbarrow’ eventually revealed that the Doctor was the reincarnation of The Other, a mysterious figure from early Time Lord history. This scene and a cut scene from ‘Survival’ were supposed to hint at this.

The cannonity of this is in doubt, so you are free to ignore it if you wish. Its only real impact is to give the Doctor a previous life that extends before his 1st incarnation, giving you much more history to explore.

An encounter between the Doctor and the Other could make for a good adventure, a way to explore his true origin. The Doctor might also come across the consequences of the Others actions or have to recall his past life.

An Experienced Time Lord

The Doctor’s confidence could simply come from his experience. Indeed, the thrust of his conversation with Davros is that he has defeated him every time they have met. The Doctor is simply pointing out that he has done far more than any other Time Lord.

We already know how capable the Doctor is but this interpretation casts a different light on his people. It suggests that no other Time Lord could hope to equal what the Doctor has done.

This could very well be true, given that when the Doctor dies the stars blink out off existence but when his people are erased by the Time War the rest of the universe doesn’t notice.

PC Time Lords are the exception to this, or at least they should aspire to be. If this is the way you interpret the Doctor’s words the PCs should always feel like they are special, that no one else can do what they are doing.

The Elite

The Doctor began his message to Davros by announcing his titles, including being President Elect, Defender of the Laws of Time and Protector of Gallifrey. The Doctor could therefore just reiterating that he isn’t a common Time Lord but a higher social class.

While the Doctor never seems too concerned about status it obviously has a place within the culture he grew up in and certain incarnations certainly think they are better than the common man.

If this interpretation is correct then the Doctor thinks that his status entitles him to interfere in affairs of others and people like Davros should know their place. This can be a subtle bit of motivation for those playing the Doctor.

You could take it further either in another incarnation of the Doctor or another Time Lord who puts a lot of emphasis on his title. If the Time Lords exist in your campaign then a PC could be motivated to curry favour and increase his standing.

Servant Of The Guardians

Having worked for the White Guardian in his 4th incarnation the Doctor could believe that this elevates his above being a Time Lord. The novels also suggest a close connection with the gods of Gallifrey, such as Time. This is a Doctor who works for higher powers.

The Doctor does spend his 7th incarnation vanquishing gods or godlike beings (from Fenric to the gods of Ragnarok to Light). Compared to them someone like Davros is beneath him. The Doctor’s retort could be his way of making his old enemy know that he has outgrown him.

This approach could be a good way to signify that the Doctor is ascending. No longer on the back foot or forced to perform damage control here the 7th Doctor manipulates Davros into destroying his own planet, as if it was a game.

Later incarnations of the Doctor or PC Time Lords might go through a similar character growth (especially if they’ve improved their character during the course a campaign). They are now ready to deal with bigger threats, as long as they don’t become one themselves.

The Man Who Saved Gallifrey

If any Doctor is likely to remember the events of ‘The Day of the Doctor’ it is the 7th. Every instance of his foreknowledge and manipulative nature could originate from his encounter with his future selves and knowledge of what will happen (possibly telepathically linking minds or stealing data from their TARDIS).

This knowledge could have been lost once he regenerates, his 8th incarnation personal time stream delinking from his future incarnations. For the moment though the Doctor knows just how important he is.

This can add another layer to the 7th Doctor’s background. He has access to all this knowledge about what is going to happen but knows that he only has a brief time to do anything about it.

Far More…

Time Lords are far more advanced than a human. They are near immortal, vastly more intelligent and have mastered space and time. The Doctor could be indicating that he has exceeded his own people.

We are never shown exactly how these advancements might manifest. A clue might lie in two extraordinary abilities displayed in this very story, namely teleporting in the van so he can switch places with Ace and later healing her with a touch.

If these are not common abilities of Time Lords the Doctor this could just be the tip of the iceberg. Is this the result of his years of time travel, a gift bestowed by a higher being, an indicator that he is from the Time Lords future (and thus further along their evolutionary track) or that he was never a Gallifreyan to begin with?

Do later incarnations of the Doctor possess these same advanced abilities? Might they have been reset when the 11th Doctor was granted a new cycle of regenerations?

Time Lord PCs might similarly discover they are becoming far more than a Time Lord. How do they react to this and do they reveal their new capabilities?

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