The 50th Anniversary Trailer: Part 3

5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Doctor

7thdoctorweepingangelThe next scene in the trailer is harder to analyse as we are presented with a chaotic battlefield, upon which the various Doctor’s are surrounded by their enemies.

There are two ways we can interpret this. Firstly this could be symbolic. Just as there isn’t a tunnel leading from Foreman’s junkyard to the Himalayas the battlefield represents individual battles taking part in different time periods.

Secondly that the various Doctors are on the same battlefield. This could take place once they have worked out that someone is attacking their earlier incarnations and managed to gather together to face their enemies.

The 7th Doctor is being pursued by a Weeping Angel. This could be where he first learns of them, explaining how the 10th Doctor knew so much about them. Does this Weeping Angel plan to kill the Doctor, infect him or transport him in time? Might the manipulative 7th Doctor already have a plan?

The 5th Doctor is throwing a cricket ball. Is he attacking an enemy or using the ball to activate a device? Could he have been snatched through time during a cricket match? He is apparently oblivious to a lightening blast that is coming from either a Silence or possibly Davros.

The 6th Doctor is either shocked by something or possibly holding up his arms to stop the 9th Doctor, who is looking back towards the other incarnations. The clash of egos between the 6th and 9th Doctor would certainly be entertaining.

The 8th Doctor seems to be out of harms way, with none of the monsters directly focused on him (aside from the Racnoss lurking in the background.) This is a pre-Time War version of this Doctor so the impact of encountering the War Doctor could be great.

The Companions

8thdoctorautonThroughout this sequence we see numerous companions, although alot less visible than the Doctors. We open with Sarah Jane Smith, K9 and Clara but Rose and Amy Pond are also there. There is a definite bias towards New Who in this selection.

Just when each companion originates from raises some interesting questions. As we’ve already discussed whether Sarah Jane Smith has witnessed the Doctor regenerate creates many possibilities.

Similarly what version of Clara is this? It could be the version that recently travelled with the 11th Doctor or one of the many versions that splintered through time. If it is the latter this strengthens the possibility that this is all a consequence of the Great Intelligence trying to attack him throughout time.

Did Rose come here with the 9th or 10th Doctor? If this is post ‘School Reunion’ she might have some questions about why Sarah Jane Smith didn’t mention they met before (possibly suggesting that these events won’t be remembered). It’ll also be a chance for her to meet Sarah Jane in her prime.

This could also be Rose after she left the Doctor’s company. Whatever crisis has occurred could once again have weakened the barriers between realities, allowing her to cross over. Potentially she could also have brought the half human clone of the 10th Doctor along.

Of course this might not be Rose at all but a manifestation of the Moment. Could she be invisible to everyone but the War Doctor again or will she take part in events? She appeared to have some awareness of future timelines and this chaos could be disrupting that ability.

Amy Pond could be from several distinct periods in her life. She could be accompanying the Doctor when they first began travelling. If she still has strong feelings for the Doctor how will she react to meeting other incarnations of him.

If Rose also is in love with him at this point then there could be conflict between her and Amy. Both have shown to themselves to be jealous. Rose in particular found it hard to take that there had been other women in his life before her. How will she react when she finds there are women after her?

If this Amy during those early years the cracks in time that she is partially responsible for could have created or exasperated the current situation. This could be a good way to link that story arc into this epic multi-Doctor story.

Set after ‘The Pandorica Opens’ and/or ‘The God Complex’ the absence of Rory is troubling. Was he simply not caught up in events or is he in trouble somewhere? Might he be about to arrive to rescue his wife?

What if this was Amy post ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’? This could be a reunion for her and the Doctor. It also creates the potential risk that if he can’t return her to New York the city will be destroyed by the paradox.

With so many past companions why don’t we see more of them? Especially since most of the companions present travelled with the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors. This opens the possibility that rest are either captured or on a mission of their own.

It could be that the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Doctors have sent their companions to rescue their earlier incarnations. They could have divided into several groups to rescue the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th incarnation.

This gives you a wide range of companions to mix and match. Who will be selected to lead each group? Who will rebel? Who will cause trouble? If Turlough is present is he still under the sway of the Black Guardian and a potential traitor?

This could be a real chance to have the companions save the Doctor for once. If the Doctor is the target of everything that is happening it is possible that the mastermind behind it all has overlooked the companions, giving them a real chance to exploit this oversight.

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