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“Rory and Amy, I know where to find your daughter, and on my life, she will be safe. River, get them all home.”

At the end of ‘A Good Man Goes To War’ the Doctor sets off to find the stolen Melody Pond, leaving the rest of his friends on the space station, Demon’s Run. He leaves the responsibility of getting everyone home … Continue reading

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“Something drew the Tardis to this particular date, and blew it up. Why? And why now?”

While ‘Time Of The Doctor’ answered many questions there is one that still remains. Why did this happen on the 26th of June 2010? The Doctor seems to think there is some significance to this at the end of ‘The … Continue reading

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“A box, a cage, a prison. It was built to contain the most feared thing in all the universe.”

As discussed here ‘The Time Of The Doctor’ reveals that the events of ‘The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang’. The explosion of the TARDIS echoes through time, setting up a situation in which the other races realise that the Doctor is … Continue reading

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“It’s like this is the land of Un-Fiction. Anti-Fiction. Non-Fiction!”

The IDW comic ‘The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who’ by Paul Cornell explores what happens when the 11th Doctor accidentally ends up in the real world where he is just a character from a television show. This idea has been … Continue reading

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