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“How Soon They Forget.”

The mini-episode ‘Inforarium’ shows how the Doctor went about removing himself from the collective knowledge of the universe. In this particular case his target is the Inforarium, the greatest source of illicit information in history. It is another facet of … Continue reading

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“I wonder why I’ve never seen that before. Now isn’t that strange.”

In ‘An Unearthly Child’ the Doctor pretends to be distracted to avoid Ian and Barbara’s probing questions. At one point he picks up a picture frame and claims that he hasn’t seen it before. This is obviously a ruse but … Continue reading

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“Doctor, listen to me! Everything that ever hated you is coming here tonight.”

In Doctor Who’s long history there have been many monsters and aliens but only a few make it big. Only a few repeatedly return to menace the Doctor. Only a few are as recognisable as the main character or the … Continue reading

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“Old High Gallifreyan. The lost language of the Time Lords.”

In ‘Time Of The Angels’ the Doctor and Amy discover that River Song has left them a message, inscribed in High Gallifreyan on a starliner Home Box. The Doctor explains to Amy that High Gallifreyan could burn stars, raise empires … Continue reading

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“Today, we are the headlines. We can rewrite history. We could prevent mankind from ever developing.”

With the information provided by Adam the Editor knows all about the TARDIS and has a key to get inside. ‘The Long Game’ hints at what could happen if a villain gains control of a time machine. The Editor suggests … Continue reading

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