“Welcome to the Cyberiad. You will be upgraded.”

newcybermenThe latest appearance of the Cybermen in ‘Nightmare In Silver’ presents a further upgrade for the race.

Nightmare In Silver Era

Awareness 4 Coordination 3 Ingenuity 6 Presence 5 Resolve 6 Strength 7


Adaptive [Major Good Trait]

A Cyberman is able to adapt to any known threat, once it has been identified. When a Cyberman dies the circumstances of its demise are uploaded and other units can instantly upgrade to prevent the same fate befalling them.

Examples of this include removing a weakness to gold and vulnerability to electricity.

Armour [Major Trait]

The cybermen have created a slim armoured body made of an unknown metal. Their armour reduces damage by 25 points.

Cyborg Immunity: Cold/Disease [Major Good Trait]

The modifications made to their organic bodies have rendered these cybermen immune to cold and disease. Their chest units provide them with oxygen, even in a vacuum.

Detachable [Major Good Trait]

A limb does not need to be physically linked to the Cyberman body for it to be controlled. They can either detach their head and control their body independently. For each limb which is operating independently a cumulative –1 modifier is applied to all their rolls.

Fast [Major Good Trait]

A Cyberman can increase his speed so that the world around it appears to be moving in slow motion. It will only initiate this ability when its goal would not be achieved by simply moving at normal speed.

For example it will not use its speed to close on a target to engage in combat but it will if it wishes to acquire the target without conflict.

Hive Mind [Major Good Trait]

Part of the Cyberiad all Cybermen are linked together by a wireless network. A cyber planner, a sophisticated piece of software, is installed in the most intelligent, creative mind available. It is then able to give orders to any Cybermen unit. Any information gathered or sensed by a Cyberman can be shared to any other active unit. 

The processing power of a Cyberman can also be harnessed.  This adds a +1 to Ingenuity checks for every 10 Cybermen accessed. During this time their physical bodies become inert.

Immortality [Major Good Alien Trait]

Thanks to suspension technology these Cybermen were able to survive for a thousand years, without their organic components dying. As long as they have access to their technology a Cyberman is virtually ageless.

Infection [Major Good Alien Trait]

A Cybermen may carry a colony of cyber-mites, tiny mechanical organisms that can begin cyber-converting an individual immediately. Initially the conversion process takes over their mind, allowing their body to be controlled.

As the infection spreads the hosts body is covered with circuitry and a metal shell. Eventually they will be covered in a metal shell, indistinguishable from other Cybermen.

Skill: Convince 4, Fighting: 5, Marksman 3, Medicine 4, Science: 6, Technology 7, Transport: 3

Story Points: 2-5

Far, far in the future the Cybermen again posed a threat to the universe. Using cyber-mites they could convert population faster than ever before, upgrading to overcome any threat. The only way to stem the infection was for mankind to destroy whole star systems.

A thousand years later a million Cybermen were awakened on Hedgewick’s world. It is likely that there are other Cybermen entombed, waiting for their time to once again convert the whole universe.

These Cybermen make use of religious concepts. A partly converted Webley calls the Doctor the saviour of the Cyber race and refers to the Cybermen building a Valkyrie (more likely they mean a Valhalla, the realm that Valkyrie’s would take wounded soldiers).

Both Webley and the Cyber Planner don’t demonstrate the normal emotionless of their predecessors. This could be due to the Webley’s partial conversion and the Cyber Planners continuing battle to control the Doctor’s brain but it could also reflect that the race no longer view emotions as a weakness.

The majority of the Cybermen appear to be little more than drones, lacking any individuality. They are extensions and tools for the Cyberiad. It is unknown how much the Cyber Planner represents the personality of this network or whether their is separate race identity that makes the actual decisions for the race. After all there must of been some intelligence giving orders before the Cyber Planner was installed.

The Cyber Planner is able to match wits with the Doctor for the most part and make leaps of logic. It is suggested that it could replace the knowledge of the Doctor deleted from their archives by the shape of the hole he left. This suggests an ability for extrapolation.

The Cybermen’s weakness to cleaning fluids and gold is indicated not to be a physical weakness but due to their operating system. The Cyber Planner rewrites their code to remove this problem.

Since the weakness was previously purely physical (cleaning fluid dissolved vital parts of the breathing apparatus while gold clogged it) which later developed into a strong allergic reaction it could be this code was the equivalent of ‘fear’.

Since the Cybermen knew that these elements were lethal they were hardwired to avoid it and that contact with it would cause death. No one took the time to examine the code and realise what was happening.

The development of cyber-mites allow a subject to be quickly cyber-converted but also act as a surveillance system. Their small size allows them to scout areas, relaying any data they collect back to the Cyberiad.

These cyber-mites were linked to the Cybermen’s transmat system, allowing them to teleport anyone within the vicinity of the cyber-mite. This might explain how they were able to abduct people when Hedgewick’s World was still open.

This latest incarnation of the Cybermen are virtually undefeatable unless encountered in small numbers and isolated from potential converts. It is possible that they could be distracted or forced to focus their processor power in a problem that would render then inert.

Thankfully these Cybermen are restricted to a distant part of time. After his many travels the 11th Doctor was surprised by their capabilities, meaning that encountering this new model will be a rare occasion.

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