graceDoctor Who has had several spin-offs during its long run, some more successful than others, but not nearly as many as it could. There are countless characters that could be explored in their own series of television or audio adventures.

By thinking about what their series would be like we can imagine further adventures within the Doctor Who universe. These can be the focus of a new campaign or serve as inspiration for what they might be up to if the player characters drop in on them. In effect they’d be guest stars in this spin-off series.

What follows are short write-up for various unlikely spin-offs.


Dr Grace Holloway learnt that the universe was much bigger and stranger than she imagined during the dawning of the new millennium. She witnessed the miracle she’d always hoped for, death being held back. She’d also nearly destroyed the planet, albeit against her will.

Still working at Walker General hospital Grace continues to save lives both on the wards and off. While she and the Doctor had foiled the Master’s plan there was still damage done to San Francisco. There was a crack through which ‘things’ emerge.

Grace is often the first to realise that the mysterious deaths and injuries suffered by the patients of Walker General hospital are caused by alien beings, stranded in San Francisco. Knowing no one will believe her she does her best to hunt down these creatures and either return them home or make sure that they can’t hurt anyone ever again.

She is assisted by Chang Lee. Trying to stay out of trouble he uses his knowledge of the streets to help Grace track down the lost aliens and monsters while keeping her out of trouble.

Amazing Grace combines science fiction with medical drama creating a hybrid of ‘Angel’ and ‘House’. Each week Grace tries to balance her personal, work and monster hunting life without making too many sacrifices.

No matter how tough things get she remembers the Doctors promise that she will do great things.


During World War II three spitfires were modified by an alien robot to launch an attack against a Dalek ship. Only one returned, the pilot code-named Danny Boy.  The Doctor believed that Churchill had dismantled the plane but the British leader would not let such an advantage slip through his grasp.

This series charts the wartime exploits of the Phantoms, a new squad of spitfires capable of space-flight, stealth and protected by force fields. Lead by Danny Boy they take the most important and covert missions, doing what no one else can.

Not only do their missions pit them against the Nazis but alien forces and time travellers who wish to influence the outcome of the conflict. The squadron also comes under attack from time travellers who believe that their anachronistic technology must be removed.

The most important order they have is that the Phantom Spitfires must not fall into enemy hands. They either succeed in their missions or die trying.

Danny Boy is a war time drama with high stake missions and personal conflict for the pilots, facing things that defy belief. Mixing historical fact with fantastical adventure in a pivotal point in human history.


Life isn’t easy for private investigator Duggan. You take one little job that involves aliens and time travellers and you get a reputation for dealing with weird things. Now every case he takes seems to involve things out of Jules Verne or HG Wells. Still, if it is going to happen anywhere it might as well happen in Paris.

Duggan is a light hearted detective series evoking the feel of Douglas Adam’s Dirk Gently series. The lead solves cases more through luck and violence than deduction. A magnet for weirdness he takes everything in his stride.

Each episode features a cameo by John Cleese as a tourist who unwittingly always encounters aliens and time travellers without realising who or what they are.


A gritty soap opera set on a council housing complex. Not only do the residents have to deal with a down turn in the economy, family drama and rising street crime they also tackle issues like child abduction, mind control and ghosts.

The struggles and triumphs of typical Londoners in the Doctor Who universe are celebrated in this series. The residents offer a varied and ever changing cast of characters, whose storylines interweave with  everyone else.

The mysterious blue police box might not appear there any more but the Powell Estate is still home to strangeness.


During its voyage to Bombay on the 2nd of June 1926 the cargo ship SS Bernice were snatched from time by aliens and placed on display in an illegal Miniscope. Freed thanks to the efforts of the Doctor the ship and its crew were supposed to be returned to their rightful time and place.

Instead the vessel has become unstuck in time. Mists surround the SS Bernice before it emerges on an alien ocean. Sometimes they have only hours to explore their new surr0undings, sometimes days and sometimes months. Each time the mists envelopes them they hope that they’ll find their way home.

A classic exploration series the SS Bernice allows the crew to discover new lands and races  but always with the hope that they’ll eventually find Earth. Along the ways they make friends, escape from hostile natives and do whatever they need to in order to survive.

Their 1920s perspective gives a new twist to their interactions with the alien. The crew and passengers have different views on how they should deal with the challenges before them, leading to tension and disagreement. They must learn to co-operate or be lost forever.

Along the way some of the passengers or crew may decide to stay behind on the alien worlds they discover while new passengers could join them on their journey through the stars.

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  1. I would’ve loved the ‘Duggan; spin-off 🙂

  2. Chris Angelucci says:

    My vote would go to DANNY BOY. Having grown up enjoying Black Sheep Squadron I would eat this up.

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