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“Secrets Protect Us. Secrets Make Us Safe.”

‘Journey to the centre of the TARDIS’, written by Stephen Thompson, allows the Doctor’s most faithful companion take centre stage. The title alone promises that we’ll go further into the TARDIS than ever before. Unfortunately the episode fails to deliver … Continue reading

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“They’ve forgiven me. They’ve given me back my freedom.”

At the end of ‘The Three Doctors’ the Time Lords provide the Doctor with a new dematerialisation circuit and restore his knowledge of time travel. Once again the Doctor is free to explore space and time. How would things change … Continue reading

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“To you I am a ghost. We’re all ghosts to you.”

‘Hide’, written by Neil Cross, is a spooky story. Rich in atmosphere, brilliant directing and some excellent guest stars hampered only by worrying shifts in tone, unfortunately side-lining Clara and rushing the ending. Spoilers From Here On! Just as ‘Cold … Continue reading

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“Doctor, you mustn’t call them in or it will be the end of us. They’ll show no mercy.”

In ‘The War Games’ the 2nd Doctor makes a fateful decision to summon the Time Lords. Although this resolves the problem created by the War Chief it leads to his capture, forced regeneration and exile to Earth. How might things … Continue reading

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“It’s An Ice Warrior. A Native Of The Planet Mars And We Go Way Back. Way Back.”

‘Cold War’, written by Mark Gatiss, sees the welcome return of the Ice Warriors to Doctor Who (onscreen anyway). It brings with it the feel of a tradition ‘base under siege’ coupled with a homage to Alien. It is an … Continue reading

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“One touch and you lose about an hour of your memory. Let it bite you and you could lose decades.”

In ‘The Snowmen’ the Doctor makes use of a Memory Worm. He apparently keeps this on hand to remove witnesses memories of anything they might have seen including their encounters with him. Clara only avoids this fate because doing so … Continue reading

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‘Good, She Is Sacrificing Herself. She Should Know What That Means.’

‘The Rings of Akhaten’, written by Neil Cross, is an wonderful exercise in world building, creating a vivid alien backdrop for the adventure. Just as in ‘The End of the World’ and ‘Beast Below’ the companion is taken out of … Continue reading

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“I don’t think the universe makes bargains.”

In ‘The Snowmen’ Clara lies dying and the Doctor has no way to save her. Yet he tells Clara he knows she will live, because he knows she will be his companion. He makes a bargain with her that if … Continue reading

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