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‘The Bells of Saint John’, by Steven Moffat,  is a jaunty adventure to bring the Doctor back to our screens. Making the most of its London setting and making another part of modern life terrifying the light plotting allows for … Continue reading

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“If I’ve got a plan, what is it? You tell me.”

‘The Snowmen’ gives us another example of the Doctor auditioning a companion. In the past the people travelled with the Doctor due to circumstance but since the 9th Doctor only those worthy can join him in his adventures. So what … Continue reading

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What Could Have Been: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

This article is a continuing look at elements from first drafts or things that were removed during editing. I am using the ‘Doctor Who Magazine: The Doctor Who Companion: The Eleventh Doctor, Volume 6’ as a guide. The TARDIS Ejected … Continue reading

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The UNIT Campaign: The British Space Programme

A big difference in the Doctor Who setting is the presence of a British Space Programme. It is featured heavily in ‘The Ambassadors of Death’, the supposed colonists in ‘Invasion of the Dinosaurs’ accept the existence of Earth constructed spaceships … Continue reading

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“They said you weren’t real.”

‘The Eleventh Hour’ reveals that Amelia Pond was treat by four psychiatrists over a course of twelve years, all trying to convince her that her brief encounter with the Doctor was nothing more than a delusion. What if it was? … Continue reading

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