The UNIT Campaign: Inferno

The following adventure ideas can take place during and after the events of ‘Inferno’.

Hour Of The Wolf

badbentonThe PCs are part of the UNIT security force at the Inferno Project. What they are unaware of is this is a trap designed by the Doctor’s ancient enemy, Fenric. The embodiment of evil has poisoned the land, knowing that the toxic slime unleashed by the drilling project will convert humans into primoids, his new wolves.

Before things start going wrong PCs may witness soldiers and scientists discovering that they have distant family links. In London a UNIT researcher is in the process of stumbling across this fact.

The incident at Maiden’s Point was one of many that were flagged for investigation by UNIT. Notes kept by Wainwright have been studied and it was discovered that not all of the cursed viking families died there. Some changed their names and went further a field in the hopes of avoiding their curse.

Now fate has brought them together on the Inferno Project. The research is desperate to get in contact with the PCs. They don’t yet realise the significance of the connection, only that such an occurrence is highly unlikely.

By this time Harry Slocum has been infected. Now the PCs are not only fighting against a spreading infection of primoids but fate itself. Doubters should be silence when Professor Stahlman, whose is also a member of the cursed families, is himself infected. Knowing this they must save others from the same blood lines from being similarly infected.

The Doctor’s trip to the parallel Earth might create a fracture through which Fenric can re-enter. He may possess any of the cursed UNIT soldiers or Inferno staff. He might even take over a primoid, amplifying its bestial power.

Fenric will wish to cause as much havoc as possible, spreading the infection as far as possible. He wishes the Doctor to return to a world in ruin. Only the PCs can stop him, perhaps using the radiation or raw energy to disrupt his form, or using the primoids vulnerability to cold against him.

The PCs will have defeated Fenric without the Doctor ever being aware of these events. Nor with the PCs really understand the magnitude of their achievement. Hopefully the players will.

The Beast Inside

Against the recommendation of the Brigadier and the Doctor the UNIT research branch attempts to use the recovered Stahlman toxin to produce super soldiers. All they have to do is find a way for those infected to retain their intelligence. At the very least they can be used as a last resort to create berserkers to unleash on invaders.

The PCs are called in when one of the test subjects escapes from a remote Research facility on the moors. Ideally they should try to recover the subject but it is essential that their target doesn’t reach inhabited areas, both due to the threat it could pose and the potential embarrassment it would cause UNIT.

They have lot of territory to cover, in bad terrain and worse weather. Not only must they act quickly but they will have to make sure that members of the public don’t become aware of what they are doing.

The identity of the test subject might also create more complications. It might be a soldier that the PCs know or it could be a prisoner, hoping to reduce his sentence by agreeing to be a human guinea pig.

This could also raise questions of morality for the UNIT PCs. If the scientists are able to perfect the Stahlman toxin do they really want to be turned into primoids?

The Other Side

For this adventure the players take the roles of their PCs in the Parallel Earth. You could set events some time before ‘Inferno’, in order to explore how their characters are different in Fascist UK.

When the world begins to end what do they do? Maybe in this world UNIT captured alien technology that allows people to travel to parallel Earths. The PCs know where it is kept and might have just enough time to reach it and make it work.

Their desperate flight to reach it, as the world burns, can be harrowing. They might have to do terrible things to reach it, maybe shooting their fellow UNIT soldiers protecting the device, or wrestle with the moral dilemma of helping others even if it increases the chance they won’t get there in time.

If they are successful these alternate version of the PCs arrive in our world. You could continue on from this point, exploring how they cope in a more liberal UK. Do they hide or do they try to assume the identities of their doppelgangers? Would they try to change Britain to be more like the world they left?

You could switch to the perspective of the normal PCs, who now have to cope with the existence of ‘evil’ versions of themselves. You may even want to skip the first part of the adventure and go straight to this change in the status quo.

The adventure could end with the alternate PCs arriving in our reality. You can then bring them back much later, allowing them time to put plans in motion and threaten the PCs in the future.

Escape Route

Having come so close to the brink of disaster UNIT is pressured into creating an emergency plan should the world be destroyed. Inspired by the Doctor’s adventure Project Escape Route begins development of a dimension shifting portal.

Lacking access to Time Lord technology work is slow. You may wish to introduce adventures with alien technology that might slowly allow them to piece together a working prototype.

Once they have something in place the PCs could be assigned to be the first soldiers to step through. Their mission is to find parallel Earth’s suitable for inhabitation should our Earth need to be abandoned.

This allows you to run a number of games mixing ‘Sliders’ and ‘Stargate’. Not only does it allow them to explore alternative Earths but also show how well known Doctor Who stories could have gone differently, resulting in different world.

You may decide that UNIT in your campaign doesn’t take this path. That doesn’t mean that the PCs won’t encounter UNIT soldiers from worlds that did. They could be looking at an invasion from a parallel world, putting them in conflict, much as occurred in the television series ‘Fringe’.

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4 Responses to The UNIT Campaign: Inferno

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  2. The first idea is really cool.

    But what do you make of the theory that the Earth is a hollow planet, created by the Time Lords to contain ‘holes’ in the universe from which the Yssgaroth could enter? On that theory, the slime is matter contaminated by forces from beyond this universe.

  3. etheruk1 says:

    Yes, that is certainly possible. No reason Fenric can’t exploit the toxins that are already there.

  4. Andrew Gable says:

    Ditto. I really dig that option and the tying of this story to The Curse of Fenric. Very nice.

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