“I always wanted to visit the Statue of Liberty. I guess she got impatient.”

statueoflibertyPrior to ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ it had been assumed that the Weeping Angels were a distinct alien species that just happened to look like statues (at least when you’re looking at them). In this story we learn that in fact they have the ability to ‘infect’ statues, turning them into new members of their species.

The Time of The Angels’ previously suggested that anyone looking at a Weeping Angel could become one of them, a fate narrowly avoided by Amy. This process might still be true, resulting in human looking Weeping Angels.

One of the big reveals in that story was that the statues the main characters had been walking past were all Weeping Angels because the Doctor remembered that the natives of Alfava Metraxis were two headed so why would their statues only have one?

This indicates that if there were statues in the subterranean Maze of the Dead the Weeping Angels hadn’t infected them. They had come from somewhere else and had chosen not to blend in.

How then do the Weeping Angels infect statues? Their usual method of reproduction can’t apply here, statues can’t see them. There must be another means to turn an unliving sculpture into a living being.

In the past I have speculated that the Weeping Angels may have a different form when not quantum locked. Is it possible then that their natural form is energy based, allowing them to inhabit the shell of statue. Once bonded they can move it as they would their own body.

Given the number of different poses and facial expressions the Weeping Angels display it is apparent that their statue bodies are flexible when not being viewed. This makes sense when they have a roughly humanoid form.

The Statue of Liberty Weeping Angel raises further questions however. Not only does its large size and position make it unfeasible that at least one person would be viewing it but the interior of the statue of hollow. Just how is it moving without any legs?

Additionally, in the basement Rory’s match is blown out by a Weeping Angel cherub. This suggests that while their exterior is locked their interior is still capable of movement. In this case the cherub would appear to have lungs (or at least an air filled cavity) that could expel the need air to put out the flame.

In ‘The Time of The Angels’ indicates that an image of a Weeping Angel IS an Angel. This allows a Weeping Angel to emerge from a recording of another Angel. Does this ability extend to newly converted statues and is it retroactive?

If it is then this could be the reason that the Weeping Angels converted the Statue of Liberty. Its image is everywhere (including in Winter Quay) and so they may have planned to use this to quickly spread.

We can also question the temporal exile capabilities of new Weeping Angels. The cherubs despatch Rory only in space, not time. This could be because they just wanted him to join the battery farm at Winter Quay or it could be that they were too weak to do anything else.

It is also notable that the Statue of Liberty is shown to use this ability. If it can use send people back in time and its gift extends to its interior it could have been preying upon tourists who visited the statue. In this scenario would someone notice the rising number of missing visitors?

Varying the power levels of new statues can make things slightly easier for PCs. While they may have more Weeping Angels to deal with younger statues are less powerful. This can give them a narrow window of opportunity in which to despatch the new Weeping Angels.

I would suggest that the more they feed the stronger the Weeping Angels become. This helps establish a time limit for the PCs. They might find it easy to run away but the longer they leave a group of Weeping Angels operating in an area the more difficult it will be to defeat them.

The conversion of statues might require the expenditure of energy. This would mean that only well feed Weeping Angels could afford to increase their numbers by converting other statues. In ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ their battery farm at Winter Quay allowed them to expand their numbers, where as in ‘The Time of The Angels’ the starving Weeping Angels couldn’t.

This is supported by the idea that the paradox wipes the gathered energy, rendering the converted Weeping Angels inert as the power that animates them no longer exists. It could be that the remaining Weeping Angel in 2012 was the original and so not neutralised by the wiped out time line.

Why would the Weeping Angels wish to increase their numbers, since extra members mean more mouths to feed. The simple answer is that their feeding habits depend on hunting as a pack.

A lone Weeping Angel can find itself paralysed, especially if there are multiple witnesses. Additional Weeping Angels mean that there is always a potential blind spot for a member of the pack to attack a victim.

New York is a big city and it makes sense that the more Weeping Angels there are the more packs that can be sent out hunting. It is especially important that no victims should escape Winter Quay to prevent a paradox.

In such an arrangement how does the feeding process work. Is it only the Weeping Angel who touches a victim receive the resulting energy or is it released into the local area, allowing all nearby Weeping Angels to benefit.

In either scenario the pack might turn on a Weeping Angel who doesn’t pull its weight. Such a member might just be a drain on resources. What would they do to get rid of such a Weeping Angel? Would they force it to leave, destroy it or put it somewhere where it will be eternally quantum locked?

Changing the configuration, numbers and tactics of the Weeping Angels can keep them a fresh opponent for the PCs to face.

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