“The angel, would it send me back to the same time? To him?”

amyandtheangelIn ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ Amy willingly sacrifices herself to an angel in the hope that it will allow her to join Rory in the past. Her gamble appears to pay off, according to both the grave stone and her afterword to the Doctor.

The Doctor admits that the mechanics of this aren’t known. ‘Blink’ shows that both the 10th Doctor, Martha and DI Billy Shipton all end up in 1969 where as Kathy Nightingale is sent to the 1920s.

Weeping Angels might have no choice at where their victims are sent. It could be that their destination is determined by their current age and when they are likely to die of natural causes. This would explain why Rory and Amy end up in the same time period and we can assume that the Doctor was sent with Martha rather than to distant time period more fitting his long life.

What this doesn’t explain is why Rory was sent to the 1930s. If he was currently in his 30s and died in his 80s then the Weeping Angels should have taken him to the 1960s. Unfortunately the grave stone doesn’t give us the date of his death so we don’t know where he and Amy were sent at the end.

It could be that individual Weeping Angels have a specific time period they dispatch people to. In this case the Doctor, Martha and Billy were claimed by the same Weeping Angel while Kathy was claimed by another.

The Angels Take Manhattan’ suggests that they do have some control as the Weeping Angel cherubs specifically send Rory to Winter Quay. What makes this very interesting is that Rory was apparently fated to be sent back in time again, dying as an old man in the 1930s.

Since the Weeping Angels send people back in time to feed are the 1930s Weeping Angels stealing the food out of the mouths of the 2012 Weeping Angel? If so then this may prompt nomadic behaviour in Weeping Angels. If they stay in one place too long they run the risk of starving as other Weeping Angels (maybe even their earlier selves) steal the food from them.

The Doctor suggests that Winter Quay is acting as a battery farm. Any time someone tries to leave the Angels send them back in time and feed on the resulting displaced energy, over and over again.

This indicates that maybe the Weeping Angels don’t have to kill a person with their touch. In all likelyhood the reason that they typically do send a person far enough back in time so they are dead or dying by their point of departure is to prevent victims seeking revenge on them or preventing their earlier selves being sent back.

A restrained Weeping Angel might only send victims back in time a few hours or days. If they ambush them their victim won’t even know what happened. This could lead to confusing experiences of deja vu or sightings of dopplegangers. The Weeping Angel would need to send their victim far enough away in space that they can’t interfere with their earlier selves.

Amy uses the Weeping Angel as a form of time travel, accepting what it will do to her. What if people did know about the Weeping Angels and were willing to accept the price for a one way trip into the past.

Rather than being forced to hide Weeping Angels could find themselves accepted. Not only would this provide them with protection they would have a steady supply of food. This has the potential for creating a very unique setting.

In my earlier articles about the Weeping Angels I suggested that they support the concept of a pre-destined time line. All of their victims are already part of the past, unable to alter events. This is further illustrated here where a victim avoiding their fate creates a paradox.

A would-be time traveller using the Weeping Angel will have to accept this when they go into the past. Those whose motive is to change history will find themselves sorely disappointed.

Nostalgia would probably be the main reason to go into the past, even if they aren’t able to interfere. This could be particularly important if there have been dramatic social and political changes. Those who miss cultural crazes or the administration of previous rulers might travel into their past to enjoy them again.

This would suggest that the elderly would be the main users of the Weeping Angels. It could become accepted that those retiring make use of Weeping Angels to spend their final 30 odd years in the past.

If this was wide spread this could have a major impact on the culture. How would people react to knowing that people from the future lived alongside them? Given their inability to change the future would they try to remain ignorant to give the illusion of free will or would they seek the information out so they don’t accidentally change it?

If Weeping Angels can send people any where and when they want then willing users could select specific time periods that they wish to explore. Although they wouldn’t be able to return these time travellers could leave their findings in prearranged time capsules so that their discoveries can be recovered in the present.

It might also be used as a means of population control. Hundreds of colonists could be sent into the distant past where resources were plentiful and there was space for all. In which case the inhabitants of the planet could be a paradox, the population spontaneously appearing in the past from the future.

Would PCs try to warn a society using the Weeping Angels of the danger they face? Would the population take extreme measures to ensure they still have use of the Weeping Angels? Could the lack of hostility allow the Weeping Angels to be free of their Quantum Lock as they learn to relax?

Such use of the Weeping Angels need not be restricted to alien planets. There could be people like Grayle who use them to despatch their enemies or create agents in the past. There could be cults who offer themselves as willing sacrifices.

If a Weeping Angel only sends a victim a short period back in time it could be a huge benefit for time management. A person could use it to get extra work done before a deadline, study or make the most of a sunny day while their earlier self is stuck in the office.

The only drawback is that those not time travelling will notice that the subject is aging more quickly. This might be an acceptable trade and the Weeping Angel, while having less energy to feed on will have a repeat customer.

A Weeping Angel might be the best way for PCs to reach a TARDIS that has been lost in the past or time travel without it. A group with access to a way to place themselves in suspended animation, say through a recovered Silurian facility, they have an effective way to return to the present without dying of old age.

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