The 50th Anniversary Campaign: A Brave New World

Adventure: The Future, Humanity

In addition to exploring the past Doctor Who has also shown us visions of the future. This adventure takes place in the year 3013, allowing the players to witness the Galactic Empire and interact with Adjudicators.

At the end of the last adventure the player characters should have returned to the universe, energy from the Land of Fiction preventing them from being erased. What they find is a universe where time has been rewritten.

If you’re not using the previous adventures then the PCs time ship might just jump a time track and arrive in an alternative reality. You could also ignore the need for something to maintain the characters existence (perhaps their TARDIS can do this naturally) and let them survive time being rewritten.

The TARDIS has arrived on Earth, the centre of a star spanning empire. The year is 3013 and anyone from the time period will recognise the fashion and technology but things seem a lot better than they were previously.

It doesn’t take much exploration to discover the biggest difference. The Empire makes wide use of enslaved species. Draconians are administrators and strategists, fleets of Ice Warrior loyal to the Galactic Empire patrols the space lanes while Sontaran soldiers quell resistance on the ground.

Cybermen provide medical care, providing cybernetics implants without converting their patients. Daleks are little more than domestic robots, meek and driven only to serve. A host of other alien species toil for the advancement of the humans.

The PCs may want to research what has led to these events. You can make this as easy or as difficult as you want. You might require them to sneak past security to access restricted files or let them simply access public service information terminals.

They’ll find that history diverged after the events of ‘Time Is A Weapon’. After that point there were no further alien invasions. Humanity reached the stars and found that all other species were humbled or broken due to events in their distant past. They offered up little resistance.

Strangely even those species which had previously visited the planet now claimed to never have heard of Earth. It was decided that in the years it had taken Earth to reach space the alien races had simply lost that knowledge.

The PCs should work out that the changes to history made all other alien species weak. They can only speculate what would have happened if they hadn’t prevented Earth from being rewritten. Would they have been crippled as well?

Once you feel that the PCs have gained enough information about the current time frame its time to involve them in the main plot. They’ll stumble across a murdered human, identification revealing that they are a member of Earth’s psychic division.

Adjudicators arrive and will attempt to arrest them. You may wish to use this opportunity to re-introduce Roz and Cwej from the new adventures as the Adjudicators that they encounter.

The adjudicators are firm but they’re not stupid. They’ll quickly work out that the PCs aren’t the murderers, although they might be interested in where they came from. If the Doctor is present or the PCs were involved in the adventure ‘Time Is A Weapon’ their names will flag up on the Adjudicator systems and they’ll be treated reverently. It seems UNIT didn’t want them to be forgotten.

It won’t be long before the adjudicators are asking for the PCs help in the investigation. There have been a spate of murderers, all of the victims were psychics. The PCs are given all the resources and support they need to look into who could be behind it and why.

The reason is that these psychics have had visions of the true timeline. They know that things are not the way they should be. This knowledge has driven some mad, others are trying to contact the conquered alien races to let them know.

You have two options with the identity of the murderer. Firstly it could be the head of the psychic division, Samuel Pilgrim. Aware of the alteration he is attempting to prevent the information getting out, on orders from senior members in the government.

This allows you to explore themes of corruption and test the loyalty of the Adjudicators. Will they help the PCs bring a criminal to justice even if it endangers the Galactic Empire? Will the PCs help get the truth out?

Alternatively you can have the species that activated the Time Regeneration in the adventure ‘Regenerate’ be responsible. They don’t want the human psychics to expose what they’ve done. If the chosen species are enslaved it could be that they’re just pretending, infiltrating human society so they can take over.

The enslaved aliens can also act as a red herring. One of the races could be seen near one of the murder scenes, found lurking near the scene of an investigation or in a murder victims home. This could lead the PCs to believe that they are the guilty party.

In truth one or more of the psychics were trying to contact the alien races. There could even be a secret resistance movement, where unlikely species are working together, dreaming of the day when they will be free.

They are desperate to find out the truth and the PCs might help them. If they reveal that time has changed the aliens will ally with the PCs to find a way to change things back. This can make for some unusual allies.

Once the killer is revealed and the PCs have decided whether to reveal the truth the next stage of the plot occurs. A thunderous noise is heard and in the sky vast black ships appear. They’ll hear reports that this is happening across the universe.

A booming voice is broadcast from the ship in all languages in all frequencies. It announces that they are the new Lords of Time and that the universe now belongs to them. The PCs should recognise the voice as belonging to the species that triggered the Time Regeneration.

Humanity now faces the prospect of becoming slaves themselves, unless you’ve decided that the new Lords of Time are the future of humanity. Either way, dark times are ahead and the PCs hold the only hope of returning things to normal.

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