The 50th Anniversary Campaign: Regenerate

Adventure: Time, Rassilon

rassilonLast adventure the player characters learnt of the Time Regenerator, a possible means of restoring. The information was kept from all but a few. The information wasn’t duplicated and so once it was transferred to the Master those in the Matrix could no longer recall the details.

Now it is returned they can explain the PCs that Rassilon was well aware that time travel could damage the universe. In secret he had the Time Regenerator built and rumour says he had all those involved in its constructions slain, sent to the Death Zone or exiled to keep the secret.

The Time Regenerator would act as a fail safe device. Once activated it would release an intense burst of chronal energy that would sweep through the universe, making it conform to the map of the web of time the Time Lords had constructed. Romana hopes to use back-up information, taken from just prior to the Time War, to reboot reality.

The PCs will have to decide if they want to go along with this plan, since it will change the nature of the universe. It could be argued that the universe was already damaged due to the Time War and this will heal the universe but there may be objections that it is imposing the will of the Time Lords on innocent people.

If the PCs took part in ‘Time Is A Weapon’ they may realise that the chronal wave that almost struck Earth could have been unleashed by the Time Regenerator, which would mean that it has already been activated, or it is in their future to do so.

Should the PCs outright refuse to travel to the Time Regenerator Romana will order the Constructs to capture them. Although she doesn’t want to force their hand she’ll take hostages if need be.

If this is the first adventure you’re using in then the PCs could find the location of the Time Regenerator elsewhere, such as in a recovered Message Box or Time Lord artefact. They could also just arrive their at random and have to discover its nature.

The Time Regenerator is a giant gold metal structure in deep space, resembling two hearts and bearing the mark of Rassilon. An alien armada is docked with the Time Regenerator, the same ships that the PCs encountered in ‘Time Is A Weapon’.

The species are a mix of races, from those that look human, to insectiods to avians. Known as the Collective they were a group of closely linked solar systems whose people banded together.

They discovered the Time Regenerator several decades ago and have been studying it. Although they don’t understand its purpose they have learnt how to generate chronal energy through their ships.

The Collective are curious about the PCs arrival, especially as it coincides with the activation of several internal systems within the Time Regenerator. As long as the PCs aren’t openly hostile they can work with representatives of the Collective to explore the Time Regenerator and reach its control centre.

Getting there is no easy matter, since Rassilon built several traps into it. He’ll appear as a hologram announcing that only Lords of Time could hope to find their way through. He makes little secret that he’ll enjoy watching them fail.

Each of the traps is themed around time and all can be lethal. If need be use members of the Collective as cannon fodder, demonstrating how deadly things are and reinforcing how cruel Rassilon could be. The PCs should come to like the members of the Collective and want to avenge or at least prevent their deaths.

Traps Include:

Accelerated Time

In this region time moves much more quickly. The deeper you go the faster time becomes, although your perception of time remains the same. This is not noticeable at first, until hair and fingernails start to grow at a surprising rate.

One of the Collective might walk ahead, becoming old and frail as they reach a level by the exit. Before the PCs eyes the poor alien is reduced to dust. To reach the lever, and shut off the field, either a PC with a long life or a Time Lord willing to risk regeneration must go ahead. Alternatively the insect members of the Collective could be very long lived, allowing it to shut the field off before it dies.

Slowed Time

The seal of Rassilon is inscribed on the tiled marble floor in this room. In order to safely reach the other side of the room the PCs and their allies must step only on tiles that follow the line of the symbol.

Those who step off find themselves in a region of decelerated time. Effectively they become frozen and PCs will need to find a way to drag them out without becoming trapped themselves.

Time Loop

This section of the structure appears to be three living areas, including a library, a study and sleeping chamber. A minor event should occur in each room, such as knocking over a vase, a clock chiming and so on.

Passing through the area the PCs find themselves back at the start. Not only are the room the same the same events repeat themselves. They are trapped in a time loop. In order to escape they must break the pattern or complete it ahead of time, breaking the cycle.


The group enter a round chamber with many doors. There is a gap in the ceiling, apparently leading to another section of the structure, but it is far to high to reach. Before they can puzzle this out identical copies of the PCs and their allies enter.

There should be some discussion about who the genuine articles are before more copies enter, and then some more. They find that they can’t exit through the doors they came through, only returning to the room to find ‘past’ and ‘future’ versions of themselves waiting for them.

Soon it becomes clear that the doubles will eventually crush each other to death, unless they can work together to reach the exit in the ceiling. They must form human ladders and climb up as more and more people enter.

This can be a confusing section, with some doubt over which version of the PCs managed to exit. Of course it makes little difference since the point of deviation only occurred when they entered the chamber.

The Control Room

Having finally reached their goal the PCs find that someone has beaten them there. This is the reason that sections of the Time Regenerator activated, intruders were there to operate the controls.

If you’re using the bald headed men, and possible future human Time Lords, from ‘Missing Child’ they are here. They have just set of a chronal pulse, destroy the controls and vanish. It is impossible for the PCs to know what template they used to re-order the universe.

Alternatively you might want to have the Daleks, Sontarans or even Thraals be responsible for setting off the pulse. If you’re using the rogue 1st Doctor storyline he could be responsible, escaping in his own TARDIS before the PCs can find out his agenda.

From the Control Room the PCs can activate a secret route that will take them directly to where the alien ships are docked and their TARDIS is parked. To protect Earth from the change in time they can work with the Collective to adapt their chronal weapons. The Collective are willing to undertake this mission, even though it means their death.

If the PCs don’t do this the Collective will suggest it themselves. They could reveal that the Collective were founded by colonists from Earth and genetically engineered animal life. If Earth were wiped from time they would cease to exist so by protecting Earth they’ll protect their people.

The PCs should make their own escape but things are clearly wrong when they enter the time vortex. Their TARDIS is violently thrown about, possibly knocking the crew out. Eventually they are ejected from the vortex, with no idea where they are.

Outside there is only a featureless white void!

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