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The 50th Anniversary Campaign: MISSING CHILD

2013 will be the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who and we can only guess at what the BBC are planning. If you are running a campaign in that year will you be creating adventures to celebrate this event? The great … Continue reading

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“They rolled back through time, from a billion years in the future. And attacked.”

Doctor Who magazine, issue 449, has extracts from the ‘Dalek’ script, revealing what they would have done if the episode couldn’t feature a Dalek. In the script the replacement threat is simply called Sphere. The Doctor describes how the race … Continue reading

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Doctor Who And The….

Gradually the titles of the upcoming Doctor Who episodes are being released. With this information alone we can begin to speculate what the episode itself will actually be like. Some titles of evocative, some are generic and some are deliberately … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Magazine (Issue 448) has an interesting piece of trivia about Drax in the ‘Fact of Fiction’ coverage of ‘The Armageddon Factor’. Writers Bob Baker and Dave Martin had hoped that the character would have been popular enough to … Continue reading

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The Sea of Time It is very telling that the first sea that the Yellow Submarine encounters is the Sea of Time. Here the Beatles first become young before growing very old. This is an interesting way to portray the … Continue reading

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For this article I’ll be looking outside of the world of Doctor Who for inspiration. ‘Yellow Submarine’ was an animated film featuring the Beatles, released in 1968. In it Blue Meanies invade Pepperland, forcing Old Fred to flee in the … Continue reading

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Overview Sensing that he is nearing the end of his 7th incarnation the Doctor’s mind returns to the family he ran away from. Influenced by these thoughts the TARDIS materialises in his ancestral home of Lungbarrow. Now the Doctor is … Continue reading

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You can save a further 18% on my book ‘Broken Heroes’ on top of the current 10% discount! Simply enter the code ‘CAUGHTUK’ with your order. This promotion ends on the 13th of July 2012 so hurry! My book can be … Continue reading

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Eternity Weeps

Overview Bernice and her husband Jason are on Earth in the year 2003, searching for Noah’s Ark on Mahser Dagi. Their marriage is on trouble and the rest of the expedition have just been slaughtered by Iraqi and Iranian soldiers. … Continue reading

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“But now, there is no human race. There is only… the Master race!”

‘The End of Times’, written by Russell T Davies creates a rather unusual historical event with the Doctor Who universe. On Christmas 2009 everyone on Earth changed into a duplicate of the Master. Luckily this transformation didn’t last for long … Continue reading

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