Announcement: Broken Heroes

brokenheroesriseI’d like to make a very exciting announcement. I have recently published a new book, entitled ‘Broken Heroes’.

In Silver City there exist a secret costumed community playing the roles of heroes and villains. Unseen by the rest of the world they have larger than life adventures, good always triumphs and no one ever dies.

Until now.

Someone isn’t playing by the rules and heroes and villains are being killed. One woman must discover who is responsible before more people die but she has a secret of her own. Sometimes the saviours that a broken city deserves are broken heroes.

The idea of this novel was to look at the superhero genre and imagine what it would be like if the characters were only play acting. What would their community be like? Who would want to pretend to be a hero, a villain or a henchmen?

The novel contains a mix of humour and mystery. While the idea of dressing up in  a costume is funny the dangers they face are real, especially when people are being killed and the law starts to hunt them down.

At its heart it is an exploration of why people want to be heroes and why we need them.

The novel is available through in both print and electronic versions. For a short time you can enjoy a 10% discount on the print version. The links are below.

Broken Heroes:

Broken Heroes: Electronic Book

Read chapters from the book at

If you enjoy this blog and my writing I hope that you’ll enjoy this novel.

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