ADVENTURE: Little Folk

Presented here is an adventure that should be suitable for pre-made or original characters with a TARDIS.

Little Folk

planetofgiants1370, Ireland

The TARDIS passes through a dimensional distortion as it materialises in a small house in Ireland. Emerging they find that they are only a few inches tall. In order to be restored by they must find the cause of the distortion and shut it down, allowing them to use the TARDIS to remateralise themselves to full height.

Getting around the house could be the first challenge. The rustic building should give the time travellers an idea of what time period they’re in. Feel free to have a house cat or angry insects provide some menace.

Not long after they’ve arrived and before they get themselves into to much trouble they are found by a little girl named Teagan who mistakes them for fairies. She asks them not to kill her like widow O’Shea.

If questioned she reveals that the faerie folk have been upset and taken to killing small animals and people on their own. People think it is because Thomas O’Maley stole their pot of gold.

Investigating Widow O’Shea’s house reveals miniature swords made of alien alloy. Her house is mess, tiny foot prints found in trails of flour. When O’Shea’s body was found it was revealed that most of her food had been eaten.

If they investigate Thomas O’Maley they will need to sneak into his house and avoid his cat. The pot of gold can create any substance, not just gold but also food and drink. If any of the PCs have been attempting to create a device to locate the dimensional distortion the pot could provide valuable components.

The discovery of the sword and the pot should confirm the presence of alien life and suggest that this is the source of the dimensional distortion. To find out more about the faeries they can either have Teagan ask around the village or see what she knows.

Either way they should learn that the faeries are rumoured to dwell by a stone circle on the edge of a nearby woods. Exploring this area is another chance for the characters to interact with the local wild life and overcome the challenges of the terrain.

Situated by the stone circle is a warren. Inside they encounter bestial faeries, able to fly on small wings. These faeries are quick to anger, biting and snarling. The only mercy is that they are so small they can’t do a lot of harm unless they attack on mass.

If Teagan is still with the time travellers she could come under attack, causing her to run away screaming. This will leave the PCs several hours walk from the village (at least with their little legs).

The faeries will attempt to capture the PCs to take before their king, curious about encountering other small humanoids The PCs might also decided to flee into the warren. All routes will lead to the kings throne room. 

Their faerie king is more sane and is happy to speak with someone who might understand his plight. The TARDIS allows the time travellers to understand his words. The king explains that the pot provided their food and kept them sane. Eating meat has driven his subjects mad. He feels terrible that they killed O’Shea while searching for food.

He says soon none of them will be fit to travel through the Golden gate, apparently where they came from. The King will allow them to see the Golden gate if they can return the pot. If not he will have no choice but to directly attack the village and take back their means of survival.

Thomas O’Maley is a drunk and can be frightened by the player characters. Let the players have fun with this. Thomas isn’t a threat and they have plenty of time to find suitable hiding places in his house to scare him.

Once he is gone they can have Teagan recover the pot. Taking it to the warren they can find the hole which O’Maley dug and return it to the faeries. The Golden Gate turns out to be the door to a small spaceship.

Let the PCs explore this wondrous alien ship, filled with glowing lights and beautiful music. It is more ethereal than advanced technology. It might be difficult to believe that the degenerate faeries crafted the ship.

Studying the technology they find that the ship encountered a meteor storm and was knocked off course. The landing damaged the device that was supposed to return the ship and the crew to normal size.

Using the pot, technology from the TARDIS and the PCs hard work the ship can be repaired. To add tension to this section Thomas O’Maley could whip the villagers into a frenzy, convincing them that they have to destroy the faeries. Luckily Teagan gets wind of this and gives them plenty of warning.

When the ship launches it will send out a pulse that will restore the TARDIS and everyone inside to their proper size. This won’t give the time traveller a lot of time. Either Teagan can rush them to the TARDIS, bring the time machine to them or they can launch with the faerie ship and parachute out into the ship ahead of the pulse.

Once restored to normal they can say farewell to Teagan and maybe even calm the villagers down. If you wish to extend the time traveller’s troubles the TARDIS could temporarily make them into giants.

Alternatively the PCs might simply sabotage the alien ship to shut down its Golden Gate. The faeries will be stranded but all they need to do is demateralise and when they rematerialise they’ll be back to normal.

If they take this route it is up to you whether they appear in the same time period or send them off to a new adventure. If you wish to show them the consequences of leaving the faeries trapped they could reappear some time later, after the bestial faeries burnt the village to the ground and chased away all the villagers.

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