Doctor Who/James Bond Adventures


doctorbondEra: 21st century

MI6 agents are sent to meet a mysterious seller of a new bioweapon in Geneva, Switzerland, posing as potential buyers. The meeting is to take place on a golf course, which time travellers can just happen to arrive on.

The seller is a nervous scientist, using the codename Mr Green. He has a vial of a deadly virus. To prove how deadly it is he provides newspaper clippings of an earlier release in London (during the 70s or 80s depending on your UNIT dating).

Before he can go into greater depth a sniper shoots Mr Green from the treeline. Armed masked men move in to capture the vial, forcing the PCs to escape in a handy golf cart. This can be hectic chase along course ways, over bunkers and around a lake.

Keeping the vial and its deadly contents should obviously be very important. Additionally they can investigate Mr Green or check the identity of any attacker they are able to capture, incapacitate or even kill.

What they learn is that vial does contain a deadly virus. Checking with UNIT reveals that a similar strain was released by the Silurians (during ‘Doctor Who and the Silurian’). Mr Green and the attackers all worked for Mercury, a pharmaceutical company located in Hong Kong.

Infiltrating the company reveals that they have discovered and captured a team of Silurian scientists who were forced to develop the virus, along with a cure. The company plans to secretly release the virus, their own board members and staff already inoculated, and then make a fortune selling the cure.

The PCs must rescue the Silurians, who have no reason to trust humans, and prevent the release of the virus. To increase the tension the virus may already been released and the PCs must get the cure before thousands die.


Era: 90s to 21st century

Governmental websites and the stock exchange are targeted by a hacker calling itself ‘BOSS’. Those in the secret service, including James Bond, are assigned to investigate and stop the hacker from bringing the country to its knees. If things weren’t bad enough there have been outbreaks of civil unrest across the UK.

Time travellers can arrive as the secret agents are interviewing their first lead, members of the London Stock exchange computer team about the most recent digital attack. Things turn ugly when these computer experts attack anyone nearby.

Once restrained it becomes clear that the attackers are under some kind of hypnotic control, seemly implanted when they were exposed to the machine code employed by the hacker.

MI6 finds two similar incidents when they access UNIT records. One report suggests that an artificial intelligence called BOSS (Bimorphic Organisational Systems Supervisior) employed mind control to assume control of Global Chemicals and earlier computer named WOTAN (Will Operating Thought Analogue) attempted to take over London years earlier from the BT Tower.

Since they are located in London investigating the BT Tower might seem to be a good idea. Getting there is difficult as a riot has broken out and BOSS strikes again, crashing the emergency service communication system making it difficult for the police to co-ordinate.

PCs can’t fight the rioting mobs single handed and must instead find a way to get past them without being noticed. If the PCs are skilled in combat there might still be an opportunity to engage in some small scale skirmishes or to deal with a few opportunistic looters.

At the BT Tower the PCs can find that the hacker is relaying his signal through the buildings broadcast systems. There is also a hidden hypnotic signal being hidden in all major television channels, the source of the civil unrest.

It isn’t long before they spot BT Tower staff installing advanced computing equipment. If questioned it is revealed that they too are under hypnotic control. They will attempt to capture and condition any intruders.

Studying the technology or spending time tracing the signal being received by the tower shows that the signal is originating from a tanker ship just off the coast. They can attempt to sabotage the tower to prevent further people being influenced but their actions could appear to be the act of terrorists and the true source of the problem will still be out there.

Once they escape from the tower they can attempt to board the ship by boat, underwater or by TARDIS. It will soon be night by this time, allowing them to slip in under the cover of darkness.

The ship is home to the huge-super computer BOSS. Rebuilt and upgraded by computer enthusiasts it took on a life of its own, taking control of its controllers. Over the course of a few years it played the stock market and hacked accounts to raise the money it needed to establish its floating fortress.

It plans to take over the whole world by controlling the internet. All information will flow through it, allowing it to control who knows what. It will also be able to control minds, making humanity into its servant.

The next stage of its plan is to provide firearms to its mind controlled horde of rioters. It will use the ensuing chaos to seize control of major computer systems across the country. Its earlier attacks were to allow its undercover agents to plant back-doors into the network under the pretence of installing new security measures.

With the clock ticking the PCs must stop BOSS before he carries out its plan. Communicating with MI6 is impossible due to the AIs interference. They must deal with this themselves.

Capturing and interrogating one of the programmers reveals that they had to use part of the WOTAN code to make BOSS work. Installing more of the WOTAN code will effectively give the computer a split personality. While it is fighting itself the computer will be distracted.

There is enough explosives and weapons in the ships hold to breach its hull, allowing the PCs to sink the vessel. They can also try to assume control of the signal it is broadcasting, freeing people from its influence or having those under its control doing something positive to stop BOSS.


Era: Late 60s

Members of the high society are being kidnapped and held for ransom. The kidnappers are so bold that they announce who their next victim will be ahead of time and still the police are not able to prevent their abduction.

Eye witnesses claim that the kidnapper use some kind of flying saucer. Could aliens be behind it? If so why would they be interested in Earth money? MI6 agents and any time travellers on hand are tasked with finding out.

The truth is that during ‘The Invasion’ the government came into possession of a Cyberman scouting ship. It was given to a division of the British Rocket Group to learn its secrets.

Underfunded and under appreciated the scientists took of the UFO and decided to begin their kidnapping scheme. They plan to use the money to aid in their research and eventually build a whole fleet of ship. The cash might also allow them to indulge in a more luxurious lifestyle.

The military have so far covered this up, both out of embarrassment and to avoid the existence of aliens becoming public knowledge. The PCs will need to find out first hand by providing protection for the next victim, a Lord Highcourt.

The kidnappers have already announced he will be next and plan to use a tractor beam to lift him from his car as he drives to his country manor. Those with experience with the Cybermen will recognise the UFO when they see it.

PCs can either pose as Lord Highcourt or force the UFO to pick up  the whole car, allowing anyone inside the car to smuggle themselves onboard. The scientists aren’t prepared for a major fight but in their panic they might send the UFO out of the solar system, into the ocean or into the side of a mountain.

If you want to have this lead to another adventure the UFO could reveal the location of a sleeper cell of Cybermen or signal the Cybermen fleet, foreshadowing another invasion. The ship could also take the PCs deep into space, forcing them to travel amongst alien worlds until they find their way home.

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