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Doctor Who on a Budget

The biggest advantage of running a Doctor Who roleplaying game is that is based on pure imagination. There is no limit to what you can achieve, taking the players to furthest reaches of space and time with a cast of … Continue reading

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“Give me some Spock! Just once, would it kill you?”

It is easiest to cross Doctor Who with fiction that is already within the science fiction genre. To be successful such combinations must fit within the established timeline of the Doctor Who universe, unless you have the characters travelling to … Continue reading

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Doctor Who/James Bond Adventures

The LIZARD’S CURSE Era: 21st century MI6 agents are sent to meet a mysterious seller of a new bioweapon in Geneva, Switzerland, posing as potential buyers. The meeting is to take place on a golf course, which time travellers can … Continue reading

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"What did you expect? Some kind of space rocket with Batman at the controls?"

It was recently announced that IDW Publishing will be releasing a Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover comic. I think this would be a good opportunity to discuss other crossovers that could take place during a roleplaying campaign, especially as I touched … Continue reading

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OVERVIEW The events in this book happen at the same time as ‘Birthright.’ It reveals that he Doctor deliberately separated the TARDIS to spend some time away from his companions. Arriving in a Jade Pagoda, a subsection of the TARDIS, … Continue reading

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OVERVIEW No sooner has the Doctor shown Bernice how to operate the TARDIS the time machine suddenly shatters. Bernice crash lands in London in the year 1909 while Ace arrives on the alien planet of Ant’ykhon. With the Doctor missing … Continue reading

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White Darkness

OVERVIEW The TARDIS crew arrive in Haiti during a civil rebellion in 1915. There they discover that their is new breed of zombi that ignore mortal wounds. It isn’t only the time travellers that are seeking their source, so to … Continue reading

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Lucifer Rising

OVERVIEW Having re-joined the TARDIS crew in the previous book ‘Deceit’ a battle hardened Ace, with years of fighting the Daleks in 26th century under her belt, asks the Doctor to travel to the Lucifer system in the 22nd century. … Continue reading

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The Pit

OVERVIEW Bernice persuades the Doctor to travel to 2400 to uncover why the Seven Planets were destroyed. What they find is a dimensional rift that heralds the approach of the demonic Yssgaroth from another reality. Teaming up with poet William … Continue reading

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The Highest Science

OVERVIEW A Fortean flicker is randomly moving objects through time and space, presenting a hazard to the universe. The Doctor and Bernice track it down to the legendary planet of Sakkrat, rumoured to hold the ‘highest science’. The time travellers … Continue reading

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