Adventure: Soul Taker, Part 2

Demon Hunting

Now Adjudicator Jenkins and the player character know they are dealing with possession (unless they believe that the manage is lying). An examination of the manager will reveal disturbed brain activity.

If they think to look into local mythology they find that there is a rich mythology of demons. The Karshar believe the original inhabitants were wiped out by the demons and the original colonists came under attack when they first arrived until they learnt the secrets of warding.

Before they can get much further into their investigation Adjudicator Jenkins attempts to kill the player characters, cursing them in a guttural alien tongue. It takes a few seconds for the TARDIS to translate, allowing them to understand its curses and a mention of its species name, the Adraili.

If Jenkins is examined using medical sensors it reveals a form in the Ultra Violet range, a demonic energy form around his body. This can be disrupted with a Sonic Screwdriver or energy blast.

Once recovered Jenkins realises the scale of the problem. The planet is home to invisible monsters that can possess anyone. The question is why the locals aren’t affected?

The Adjudicators have access to UV goggles that allow the user to see the Adraili. It is clear that hundreds of people are possessed, although none of them are locals. This gadget will be useful for the player characters to know if the person they are talking to is possessed, although it will be obvious to the Adraili why they are wearing the goggles.

Turning Up The Heat

The government is knocking down the old clay buildings of the original colonists. They have stated that this is because they are unsafe but it is really because many of these buildings are interconnected. The government is worried that the dissident groups will use them as safe havens.

Tension is high among the native born Karshar and the so called Earthers. The Adraili use this to their advantage, making accusations against them that can spark outrage and violence. It is common for their to be rumour that a Karshar has commited some terrible lie only for it to turn out to be a complete lie. Even when the rumour is tracked back to the source the person denies all knowledge, no longer remembering the period that the Adraili controlled them.

The Karshar have stories about demons entering the hearts of men when the colony was first set up. Earth government records also contain references to murders being committed and the killer denying all knowledge. This was put down to temporary madness caused by the stress of setting up a colony. These attacks stopped when the Karshar adopted their new religion and began shaving their heads.

The governor of the colony is particularly closed minded, motivated by profit. He doesn’t believe the player characters if told that demons are responsible. In fact he has just ordered the police to save the heads of the locals, in an effort to break their will.

Adjudicator Jenkins must be persuaded to perform a military coup, taking control of the colony and preventing the local police officers from carrying out the governors orders. Jenkins wants to get orders from a superior but the player characters can point out to him that they don’t have time.


The coup is far from bloodless, made worse by the Adraili deliberately increasing tensions by possessing people and launching attacks. Ultimately the Adjudicators take control but not before one of the governors people is able to send a distress call.

Doubtlessly another ship of Adjudicators will be sent to investigate, so they will have to deal with the Adraili before they arrive and Jenkins and his men are taken into custody. To do so they need to win the trust of the locals to find out more about the demons.

An easy way to do this is give the locals more power. This should be an easy choice for the Adjudicators and the player characters. The natives are the only ones who they know are immune to possession. To the surprise of the off-worlders the locals don’t hold any resentment to them, not abusing their power.

They reveal that the original alien inhabitants of the planet had called a great storm to destroy the Adraili. They lost control of the storm and it destroyed them but the Adraili were forced underground, where they slept until the colonists awoke them.

This is a bad translation of actual events gained from studying the alien ruins, when the original inhabitants used weather technology to create electric storms to disperse the Adraili’s energy matrix. If the player characters check the crime figures against weather reports they find that fewer murders, violent crimes and acts of sabotage occurred during storms, suggesting the Adraili avoid them.

Using the Adjudicators ship a similar storm can be engineered. The player characters can also engineer electrical weapons that will disperse the Adraili. Using the UV goggles they can track the demons as they rush to their underground lairs.

These warrens can be buried but to truly trap them the warding symbol can be inscribed at the mouth of their lairs, preventing them from leaving.

The player characters might be able to speak with the Adraili, once they have located a possessed victim. The Adraili are filled with hate but a particularly charismatic speaker might persuade them that their actions have gotten them nowhere and suggest that the Adjudicators relocate them.

Given the option between that and eternal imprisonment they might decide to leave.

Time To Leave

With the Adraili problem dealt with the Adjudicators can hand back control, the question is who to? Clearly the locals have been abused and it was thanks to their efforts the colonists were saved.

The governor can be persuaded to see the error of his ways, sharing power with the locals by letting them work in the factories and within the government. Thanks to the player characters actions they have affected real change in the universe.

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