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“Long time ago now, Theet, eh? Must be what, four hundred and fifty years? And a long way from Gallifrey.”

Here are some ideas for adventures you could run set within the Academy. I’ve divided them into different subjects. Several plot threads can be run at once, stretched over the school year. A typical Harry Potter plot will have one … Continue reading

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“Doctor, it’s more fun my way. I can make things happen ahead of their time.”

The Meddling Monk Sometimes students dream of exploring time and space, not to conquer or do good, but to have fun. All of reality is their playground and what is the point of being a Time Lord if you have … Continue reading

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“He’s ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time and can see the turn of the universe.”

99% of students who graduate from the Academy will live perfectly ordinary lives. They’ll spend their lives within the capital city, walking the same corridors for centuries and reading the same dusty old texts. Those who do leave the planet … Continue reading

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“He used to be a friend of mine once. A very good friend. In fact, you might say we were at school together.”

Any closed society is going to establish its own culture, particularly one with such history as the Time Lord Academy. This culture adds flavour to the normally scholarly activity, making things much more interesting for the player characters and possibly … Continue reading

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“Rule number one. The Doctor lies.”

It should hardly be a surprise by now that things never end for the Doctor. They just change. ‘The Wedding of River Song,’ by Steven Moffat, brings an excellent season to a close. Sharing many similarities with ‘A Good Man … Continue reading

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