“Super-parasites. Standing in the shadows of human history since the very beginning.”

blastFirst the completed Silence write-up:


Awareness: 2,  Co-ordination: 2, Ingenuity: 5, Presence: 4, Resolve: 6, Strength: 7


Alien, Hypnosis (major/special: works even in a recording), Obligation (To the Silence), Fear Factor: 1, Psychic, Vortex, Natural Weapon: Electrical blast: [L (4/L/L)]

Memory Wipe (Special):

No living mind can retain the memory of the Silence. This works as a hypnotic suggestion which can be resisted. Success indicates that while the subject has forgotten the appearance of the Silence they are aware that ‘something’ is there, if not where. A ‘Yes and’ result indicates they remember the existence of the Silence and their actions.

This power continues to affect living characters through recorded images. Photos and videos will be forgotten the moment they are not looked at. Artificial characters, such as robots, are unaffected by this ability.


Convince: 4, Knowledge (History) 4, (Alien Culture appropriate to location) 2, Marksman: 3, Subterfuge: 3,  Transport (time ship): 2

Now let us look at what we know about the Silence.

They are a humanoid race with bulbous heads, not unlike the stereotypical ‘Grey’ aliens of UFO lore. Their features are uniform, although that could be just because we can’t identify their individual differences.

They appear to be wearing black suits. It is unknown whether this is actual clothing or part of their bodies. There is a slightly organic, moulded appearance to their outer layer. Considering their length of time on Earth it might be that suits were invented partially in response to the Silence’s appearance or perhaps their outer layer changes depending on the fashion of the era.

Frequently found in dark areas, coupled with the habit of hanging from the ceiling, all indicate that the Silence are nocturnal. This doesn’t prevent them from being active during the day but does suggest they prefer the night.

There are billions of Silence on Earth during the 1960s and they indicate that they’ve been there since the creation of fire and the wheel. What this tells us is that whatever resources that the Silence require to live can be found in enough quantities for such large numbers to survive.

The Silence are able to draw and expel electrical charges. This would make electrical energy a natural candidate as the source of the Silence means of sustenance. They can draw upon static electricity and lightening storms would be a feast for them.

The establishment of an electrical network throughout the civilised world could all be a by-product of the Silence’s need to feed. The draining of batteries could be another indicator that a Silence is near.

All Silence appear genderless so their means of reproduction is unknown. They could be immortal, meaning that the Silence who arrived in pre-history are the same Silence encountered by the Doctor in the 1960s but the logistics of transporting such a large occupying force is mind boggling, especially for a species that is using transport stolen from other races.

It is more likely that they have a means of reproduction, arriving in small numbers and multiplying over the generations. This opens up the possibility of encountering Silent children (possibly not yet indoctrinated into the religion) or some bizarre kind of asexual division.

Their sucker like mouth indicates that the species never had to uses their teeth as an offensive capability. They are not designed to chew, grip or tear either plant or animal life. Likely they never had to hunt.

Their memory erasing powers could have evolved as a means of protection, preventing predators from hunting them. The fact that even recordings of the Silence make people forget them suggests that their very nature is different from what we know.

They could be from another reality or outside time. It is also possible that this is something that they’ve done themselves. The ability not only provides them with protection but gives them with a very specific opportunity to infiltrate and occupy planets without being noticed.

With artificial minds being unaffected by their most powerful talent it raises questions about how the Silence would react to robotic minds. They’d be unopposed to the development to recording devices such as tape recorders, videos and surveillance cameras but if someone was developing a thinking machine, something that could alert others to the Silence, would they stop it?

It is stated that the Silence are everywhere and we see several scenes were they are in every day locations, from a warehouse to a bar to the White House. This indicates that the Silence are observing the majority of locations, certainly the ones with public access.

While those who see the Silence eventually forget they still react normally during the period when they are looking at them. This raises questions of how the Silence can be present in these public places without causing massive disruption.

For example, anyone walking into the bar would see the Silence and react accordingly. Those with their backs turned to the Silence would still hear the new comer screaming about seeing a monster. Turning they would see the same thing and similarly panic.

Eventually people might look away and restore peace but during that time when attention is focused on the Silence every day life is disrupted. People might flee, throw objects, use any weapon to hand to attack it. The resulting aftermath would be difficult to rationalise, made worse since they wouldn’t remember the cause.

One explanation is that during the Silence’s occupation people began to blank them out. Since the Silence are a common sight and the mind of a person in that time period never remembers them they could develop a ‘blind spot’ unable to see the Silence at all, unless something drew attention to it.

Amy, Rory, River Song and the Doctor are all time travellers, coming from eras when the Silence aren’t so common place. Note that Canton takes the longest to accept the existence of the aliens. Not only could this be because he has less experience with such things but it could be that he is the only one indoctrinated by encounters with the Silence his entire life.

Alternatively the scenes with the Silence could be because of the exceptional situation. They could be on high alert because of the Doctor’s arrival and due to the historic moon landings.

The majority of the time they could reside in the miles of tunnels that apparently stretch through most of America. Using stealth they restrict their appearances and the number of people who might see them.

What ever the reason we know that the Silence are determined, organised (without an apparent leader) and have great numbers.

The question is how can you build adventures around that?

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