“Long time ago now, Theet, eh? Must be what, four hundred and fifty years? And a long way from Gallifrey.”

teacherHere are some ideas for adventures you could run set within the Academy. I’ve divided them into different subjects. Several plot threads can be run at once, stretched over the school year.

A typical Harry Potter plot will have one over arcing plot with several sub plots during that time. While subplots are often resolved quickly the main plot usually develops at a much slower pace, beginning at the start of the school year and culminating at the end.


The students find an exam paper for their upcoming Temporal Physics exam planted in their room. Is someone trying to frame them, did it come from their future selves or is this all a test?

The House TARDIS is sick. Should it die then ever student in that House will fail TARDIS 101. They must find out what is wrong with it and find a cure. Doing so increases their chance to bond with the time ship they might one day leave Gallifrey in.

A field trip to witness the coronation of Queen Victoria gets more complicated when the students identify aliens in the vicinity. Should the students interfere or let history take its course?

In their cosmology class the teacher engineers a miniature universe.  A fellow student (either a follower of the Rani or a prankster) meddles with the safety features and the universe starts to expand. The player characters are the first to notice and must figure out a way to stop it before it engulfs the academy.

Assigned to write an essay on which alien race possesses the greatest threat to Gallifrey some students decide to put their theories to the test by staging battles in the Death Zone with a home made time scoop. Will the player characters join in or spoil the fun?

A player character in the Telepathy class detects an errant thought from someone in the class. Either one of the students or the teacher isn’t what they appear and they plan to kill the President on an upcoming visit to the academy. Can they find out who in time?

The students are stranded on an asteroid, littered with remnants of crashed spaceships. They have 32 hours to engineer their escape before the asteroid enters the atmosphere of a planet. The students hope that they won’t really be left to die but don’t want to wait to find out.

After a brief trip to Earth’s ancient past one of the player character’s fellow students has brought a dinosaur egg into the Academy. It hatches and several of the students begin to raise the earth reptile as a pet. Do the player characters keep it a secret or try to return it to its native time before things get out of hand?

The students are taken to the planet Strakis, the location of the final battle between the Time Lords and the vampire race. That was eons ago but the students find that some of the vampires are still alive, sleeping beneath the surface of the planet. The player characters must eliminate them before they awaken and spread across the universe once again.

One of the player character’s fellow students undergoes a change of personality, becoming increasingly mean. These changes began after the students were taken into the Matrix. Investigating they learn that Master placed a program within the Matrix during the events of ‘The Trial of the Time Lord’. His personality has been imprinted upon their student. Can they cure him before this Master copy escapes into the universe?


The Dromeian chapter are putting on a charity event to raise money for the Scendle chapter. This will go to pay for renovations and everyone is encouraged to contribute. Not all of the Scendles are happy about this and some are actively trying to stop it. What will the player characters do?

The Cerluean chapter have successfully campaigned for a Academy garden. They are soon using the chapter TARDIS to collect samples from throughout the universe. A careless student accidently plants Krynoid seeds. When students start to go missing the player characters must prevent the plants from taking over the Academy.

To honour the memory of Rassilon the Prydonian chapter explore the ancient parts of the Academy for one of his relics. They uncover Rassilons Lament, a sphere that contains all his guilty secrets, a means to exercise his conscious. What lengths will they go to to make sure no one knows the atrocities he committed?

The player characters experience deja vu over the course of a year. They even begin to see temporal ghosts of themselves. Investigating they find the Arcalian chapter are working on their own time loop. It would appear they have already been successful and everyone in the academy is already trapped. Can they find a way to free themselves before the loop begins again?


A student is having a hard time at the Academy. Bullied by the other students and failing in his studies he plans to steal a TARDIS and escape Gallifrey. Learning of this the player characters can choose to help him, join him in his escape or report him to the teachers.

While inspecting the Untempered Schism the player characters find an alien probe, a message in a bottle set adrift in the vortex. Somewhere in space in time another race have made their first attempt to explore time. Will the player characters respond or maintain Gallifrey’s position of dominance?

A follower of the Rani, the Meddling monk and the Doctor have teamed up together to develop an airborne virus that will prove lethal to Daleks. They are just waiting for the opportunity to release this before the Daleks have left Skaro. The player characters stumble across their plan and must decide how to proceed.

One of the domestic avatroids begin to act strangely. Most of the students want it repaired or replaced but the player characters realise that it is displaying signs of sentience. Should this independence be encouraged or crushed?

A beloved teacher’s lectures become increasingly confused. Investigation reveals his health is failing and he has used up his regenerations. He has lived for thousands of years and soon all his wisdom will be lost. It is a cruel reminder that they are still a mortal race. Do the player characters care enough to try and help him?

News has reached the Academy that Gallifrey is involved in a Time War. With the Home World preparing itself for battle the students face the realisation that they are to be soldiers not scholars. Do they stay and fight or run for their lives?

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