“He’s ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time and can see the turn of the universe.”

masterrani99% of students who graduate from the Academy will live perfectly ordinary lives. They’ll spend their lives within the capital city, walking the same corridors for centuries and reading the same dusty old texts.

Those who do leave the planet do so in the service of their superiors. They might not even step out of their TARDIS, simply using it to observe and report, never interfering. Then they return home, to fill out the mountains of paperwork.

Then there are those who want to be something extraordinary. Those who want to follow in the footsteps of the legends. Such students can’t help but begin to idolise those who broke the mould, for better or for worse.

There will be students are fixate on the tales of the Doctor, the Master, the Rani, the Meddling Monk and even Rassilon and Omega. Such hero worship is frowned upon as it disrupts the studies of the students.

Player characters, who hopefully will prove how extra-ordinary they are, can choose to fall into this camp of hero worshipers or they might encounter students that are. The conflicts between these idols may very well be played out within the Academy, as devotees copy their behaviour.

The Doctor

The ultimate rebel. He broke the rules and proved that you can still be a hero by doing so. Tales of his adventures might continue to reach Gallifrey, leading to a generation of Time Lords who just want to get out there and save a world or two.

Their studies are focused on the things that will help them avert disaster. They need to know the trouble spots of space and time, the science of defeating evil and getting out alive. Anything else is dull.

They especially don’t hold with the philosophy of non-interference. They can’t simply step back and all bad things to happen if they can help it. Although they are also mindful that such actions don’t damage the web of time.

Students who worship the Doctor have plenty of opportunity to practice their heroics. Many of their fellow students, and even teachers, might be plotting an evil plan that the student must thwart. This could be anything from stealing an air car to unleashing a dangerous artefact of Rassilon.

Students might get in trouble themselves, breaking the rules so they can go adventuring. This could be cheating on an exam, stealing a TARDIS to go exploring or causing chaos on a field trip.

The Master

The privilege of a Time Lord is not enough for some students. When they graduate they want to control the whole universe. An enormous ego convinces them that this is what they deserve.

The Master was one such Time Lord who wasn’t afraid to go out and get what he wanted. The authorities might call him a criminal but they’re just jealous of his power. By following his lessons a student could rise above the simple sheep, maybe even surpassing the Master himself.

Such students are always plotting and scheming. Each lesson give them new ideas about how to control others. They study the philosophies of warlords and murderers, memorise the pain centres of each biological race they study in biology and make notes of which races might make good servants and slaves.

Not that they will wait until they leave the Academy before putting their plans in motion. They will take actions to ensure that other students respect them if not fear them. They also want to ensure that they do well enough to graduate, even if that means cheating or blackmailing teachers.

The one thing they can’t stand is the idea that someone will take over before them. This can lead them to foil the plan of a rival, even teaming up with those that they’d normally oppose.

In their darkest hours they might come to believe that only the Master would understand him. Naively they might even think that they could one day be his apprentice, thinking of evil plans that would impress him.

Little do they suspect that that if a meeting should ever occur the Master would most likely use and betray them.

The Rani

Science can’t be restricted by such a thing as petty morality. It doesn’t matter what area of science they favour students can see the Rani as an inspiration, a woman who wouldn’t be held back in her pursuit of advancement.

These students are constantly running experiments, with little regard for safety. Each time they learn something new in their lectures they will try to push the boundaries, doing what others didn’t have the courage to discover.

Needless to say this scientific pursuit often ends in tragedy. This could be the accidental release of mutant lab rats, rogue robots escaping or the accidentally poisoning students with a new chemical compound.

Those who idolise the Rani have plenty of test subjects to hand, thinking nothing of experimenting on their fellow students. Field trips are also a good opportunity to find new subjects and even run experiments in a real world environment.

Power and wealth might be the outcome of their scientific endeavours but many students don’t care about that. What they’re really interested in is discovering something new and maybe becoming famous.

If there are several students who idolise the Rani they will band together, seeing themselves as superior to their simple fellow students. This doesn’t prevent internal rivalry, each one hoping their next experiment will show that they possess the superior intellect. 


Next we’ll look at those who follow the Meddling Monk, Rassilon and Omega.

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4 Responses to “He’s ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time and can see the turn of the universe.”

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  2. Matthew C says:

    What about students who look to Borusa for inspiration? In Blood Harvest, we saw a group of his misguided devotees.

    I imagine Borusa would have a lot of appeal to higher-caste Time Lords with a strong interest in politics but more conservative views than those who admire the Doctor or the other renegades. They would crave political power and be prepared to be ruthless in pursuit of it; yet all the while believing they stood head and shoulders in the traditions of Rassilon and ancient Gallifrey. They would be a lot more curious than other Time Lords about the Dark Times.

  3. etheruk1 says:

    Yes, that is certainly another source of inspiration for students. His followers would have a thirst for power within Gallifreyan politics but also seek eternal life. Since Borusa was a teacher at the academy he might have left some keep-sakes or research notes secreted around the place, just waiting for an eager follower to find.

    It needn’t be only evil students who follow him either. There could be those who choose to remember the good that he did. They might see the artifical limit on the number of regenerations as being responsible for his demise.

    They might want to gain political power so that they can over turn this tradition and push for the members of high society to be given unlimited cycles. An immortal upper class to forever preserve their way of life.

    Another motivation for their followers might be to free Borusa. Is there a way to undo Rassilons curse? Finding out could put them in direct conflict with Rassilons followers, not to mention those who think releasing Borsua would be a bad idea.

    • Matthew C says:

      Have you read Blood Harvest? I’m itching to write a big spoiler about Borusa’s imprisonment in that story!

      I find Borusa fascinating. Originally just a humble teacher and scholar, he gets into politics and becomes central to the whole political life of Gallifrey, ruling both behind the scenes and openly. He’s wise and noble in most of his incarnations, but also pragmatic and ruthless. It’s only in his last incarnation that he turns rotten, probably motivated by the conviction that only he’s smart enough to run Gallifrey (which might be true).

      It’s fascinating to think that a regeneration can so radically alter a Time Lord’s moral standing. Could the Doctor suddenly go bad next time he regenerates?

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