The Fall of Gallifrey, Part 2

the_five_doctors_chessAfter a brief reminder of what had happened last game and what they were supposed to be doing Phillipa deactivated the Inspector hologram, to make the most of his remaining power.

Heading into the museum they found most of the artefacts were damaged or destroyed. The only thing that was in working order was Omega’s ship. They made a mental note of it, guessing that they might need to use it later. The Inspector’s player correctly caught that the ship was taken from the Alan Moore comic strip ‘Star Death’.

The Inspector, still able to talk to Phillipa even when deactived, urged her to search the museum either for the Rod of Rassilon or the Sash of Rassilon. The player was obviously remembering their appearance in ‘The Deadly Assassin’ and how they protected the user from the gravitational forces of black holes.

While this was certainly good recollection from the player I hadn’t factored their use into the scenario. What is more I doubted very much that such highly regarded artefacts would be placed in a museum. Since they were given to the President of Gallifrey I decided they wouldn’t be there.

To cover this I said it did look like items were missing from the museum. Even if I didn’t think those relics would be in the building it helped to make the players think that someone had already taken them. Who and for what purpose could be left to their imagination but it isn’t hard to speculate that either the Doctor or the Master might have had the same idea.

Hearing movement Phillipa spotted Shar, dressed in animal furs. She shouted at him but he ran in fear, dashing across a bridge above a vast drop. The bridge was cluttered with crashed hover-cars.

Phillipa gave chase, yelling that she wouldn’t hurt him. Shar game to a stop on one of the hover car wrecks, only for it to begin tipping over the edge of the bridge. Phillipa made her co-ordination+athletics roll in time and dragged him to safety.

Shar explained who and what he was, describing the attack on the city and how the Time Lords has become completely black, something the time travellers recognised as being an aspect of Croatoan. Shar’s description of them as living shadows earned them the name Shadow Lords.

Still hoping to find the relics of Rassilon the trio headed towards the panopticon, finding a scene of chaos. There were scattered papers and the remains of both security guard uniforms and Time Lord robes.

Finding the Public Register camera these witnessed an emergency meeting about the loss of several TARDISs and the black sun which had appeared above the Capital. As they spoke Shadow Lords burst into the chamber, proving immune to the security guards taser weapons and quickly converting or disintegrating others.

Stepping out onto an adjoining balcony they saw that Shar was right when he said that Croatoan’s black tower could be seen all the way from the Death Zone. They decided that they needed to re-examine the Starbreaker and think about getting to the tower.

Returning to the museum they found that the Daleks had arrived. The Daleks demanded answers about what had happened to the Capital, sounding almost fearful that something else had defeated the Time Lords.

The Inspector convinced them that they still needed to work together and that they shouldn’t kill either Phillipa or Shar. To give them a better understanding of what they faced the time travellers took a squad of five Daleks to the panopticon while the reset explored and secured the city.

Having seen the footage the Daleks noted that the hologram was almost out of energy. Reminded that they needed a TARDIS to recharge him they headed to the TARDIS creche.

They found rows and rows of black monoliths, time ships that had been quarantined. Among them was the Inspector’s TARDIS. Sneaking away from the Daleks she attempted to use the TARDIS key to get inside, only for a Shadow Lord to form from the black shell.

The Daleks fired on the creature while Phillipa dashed inside the TARDIS. She found that there was barely any energy and that recharging the hologram would likely kill the ship. That was something she couldn’t do.

Outside the Daleks shrieked for the ‘female, human’ to  retreat with them. Exiting she found that the Daleks had lost three of their number to the Shadow Lord. By chance the remaining Daleks shot it at the same time, momentarily causing it to collapse to the ground.

Phillipa saw Shar backing away from the battle, unwittingly bumping into another TARDIS. She yelled a warning to him but it was too late. He was enveloped in darkness, turning into another Shadow Lord.

Unable to help him Phillipa joined the remaining Daleks, the Inspector hologram urging them to combine fire on the advancing two Shadow Lords. The group managed to reach the Council room where a team of 10 Daleks were ready to join the battle.

Caught in a hail of fire as they passed through the doorway the two Shadow Lords were disintegrated. The Daleks took this as a positive sign, indicating that they could defeat an enemy that had conquered the Time Lords.

The Daleks had already discovered Regis’s report and confirmed that the trouble had begun with the Inspector’s TARDIS becoming infected with the same kind of energy that made up the dark sun and the Shadow Lords.

The Inspector hologram directed Phillipa in the playing of the harp, revealing the secret chamber. With the Daleks help they were able to use the chrononal energy in the time scoop to recharge the hologram.

A Dalek technician identified that the Transmat platform had been reprogrammed so that it would take them to the Dark Tower rather than the Tomb of Rassilon. They also proposed using the time scoop to either bring in legions of Dalek armies from different points in time or other weaker species that could be used as cannon fodder.

The Inspector refused to allow them to do this, bemoaning the fact there wasn’t a living Time Lord in the city. The Daleks countered that they had found a living Time Lord, in a medical bay.

Excitedly the time travellers rushed there and found the Inspector recently regenerated body. This form was slightly shorter with platinum blonde hair, green eyes and well trimmed beard. He was also in a coma.

Instruments showed there was brain activity, especially when Phillipa spoke to her companion, but there was no way to wake him. The Daleks proposed using their robo-men technology to plug into the Inspector’s brain, turning him into their puppet.

He would be a slave of the Daleks!

To be Continued…

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