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“Daleks and Cybermen; together we can upgrade the universe.”

The Cybermen aren’t alone in the universe but it is rare to see them interact with any other species. We had to wait until 2006 to finally see them encounter the Daleks in ‘Doomsday’. Imagining connections between other alien races … Continue reading

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“I’m trapped inside a giant robot replica of my wife. I’m trying not to see that as a metaphor.”

‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ by Steven Moffat explodes back on to the screen, immediately taking a much lighter tone than ‘A Good Man Goes To War’. Moffat scripts always have a good amount of witty lines but here the story itself … Continue reading

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“We have been upgraded.”

The Cybermen seemed to gain a new weakness each time the Doctor encountered them. The worst culprit was their vulnerability to gold, first introduced in ‘Revenge of the Cybermen’. Initially it was said to clog their respiratory system but in … Continue reading

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Immortal Sins

Just as I’d all but given up hope the seventh episode of Torchwood ‘Immortal Sins’ rewards the viewer for their perseverance. With Gwen capturing Jack we flashback to the 1920s and his relationship with an Italian Immigrant Angelo. It isn’t … Continue reading

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“We Will Survive!”

Since I’ve already discussed changing the way that Cybermen behave I think we should also look at their appearance. Since their introduction in ‘The Tenth Planet’ the Cybermen has changed drastically. Currently they are completely robotic, each one identical. They … Continue reading

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“You shall be like us.”

Cybermen are one of the most iconic Doctor Who villains but have never gained the same status as the Daleks. When these two arch enemies of the Doctor did finally confront each other the Cybermen came out worst. Their recent … Continue reading

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One of the fun things with a time travel game is that the player character’s quickly start to populate history. Mapping out the chronology of their adventures reveal the bizarre way in which their existence is being stretched into the … Continue reading

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The Middle Men

The start of ‘The Middle Men’, the 6th episode of this season of Torchwood, has a very well done sequence. CEO of Phicorp Stuart Owens (played by Ernie Hudson), hires an investigator to find out if land development in Shanghai … Continue reading

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The Inspector Speaks! Part 5

12. The Empty Men The whole universe is in danger and the Inspector is nowhere to be found! Phillipa is assigned by the Time Lords to fill his shoes and given a holographic copy to help her. The search leads … Continue reading

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The Inspector Speaks! Part 4

11. Pest Control 1933, Virigina. Attempt to get their bearings after their last few adventures the time travellers return to Virginia only to stumble into intergalatic genocide. Caught between gaseous assassins and bug-like aliens the Inspector is possessed, leaving Phillipa … Continue reading

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