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In the 2007 season of Doctor Who the plot arc was used for the first time to set up the villain. Bad Wolf and Torchwood didn’t have any connection to the real threat a the end of the season but … Continue reading

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“And if this Doctor should return, he should beware — because Torchwood will be waiting.”

The first plot arc that the 10th Doctor encountered actually had it’s origin in the 9th Doctor story ‘Bad Wolf’. Among the many questions that Anne Droid asked on the futuristic version of ‘The Weakest Link’ was “The Great Cobalt … Continue reading

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“Demons run when a good man goes to war.”

‘A Good Man Goes To War’ by Steven Moffat begins with a fairy tale, told to Amy’s child to give her courage. There is a man who will never stop looking for her, a man who is hundreds of years … Continue reading

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“I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words. I scatter them … in time, and space.”

When Doctor Who was brought back to the screens by Russell T Davies there was much excitement about the introduction of a running thread throughout the series. People began to spot that the phrase ‘Bad Wolf’ was appearing in each … Continue reading

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House of Mirrors, Part 3

After some fiddling Gravin was able to get the mirror chamber working again, promising that the power loss wouldn’t happen again. Not willing to let one of their own be trapped in the void the Inspector bravely volunteered to go … Continue reading

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