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“You would make a good Dalek.”

The Time War had affected the Doctor greatly. He’d done terrible things and was now the last of his race. The 9th Doctor concealed his trauma between a cheeky grin and a desire to show a young girl the wonders … Continue reading

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“This time there will be a reckoning with the nameless Doctor whose power is so secret. For I have found his secret out.”

The all-powerful trickster god the Doctor became must have its origins in his 7th incarnation. Once he had Ace by his side he became a schemer, putting plans in motion to take down cosmic entities. It was the 7th Doctor … Continue reading

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“There should have been another way.”

The 5th Doctor’s youthful appearance was coupled with a different demeanour. He lacked the striking presence of his predecessor, more likely to observe and contemplate than burst into a room. Much of this must lie in his first adventure during … Continue reading

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“Do I have the right?”

The third Doctor had no sooner been exiled to Earth when he began working alongside the military organisation, UNIT. Robbed of the use of the TARDIS this Doctor was no longer able to explore. Instead he effectively had a job. … Continue reading

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“When you began all those years ago, sailing off to see the Universe, did you ever think you’d become this?”

I’ve previously discussed how Adric changed drastically from his original concept and in ‘A Good Man Goes To War’ the Doctor is confronted with his own transformation. River Song asks him how his name, which once meant healer and wise … Continue reading

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Pest Control, Part 3

Donning their gas masks Phillipa and the Inspector rushed into the farm house after hearing a gun shot. They found farm Scaggs unconscious, shotgun in his hand. Through the shattered kitchen window they could see a gas masked figure in … Continue reading

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Pest Control, Part 2

The TARDIS had returned to Roanoke but a few miles and several hundred years from where it had left. Still, it was enough for the TARDIS to regain its bearings. While it did so the Inspector and Phillipa took the … Continue reading

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Pest Control, Part 1

When preparing a campaign I’ll often read through various sources, jotting down ideas that can be developed into full adventures at a later date. The advantage to this is that you can pick the best of the bunch, avoid having … Continue reading

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“He will knock four times.”

In 2009 we already knew that the 10th Doctor’s days were numbered. David Tennant had already confirmed he was leaving and we even knew that Matt Smith would be the 11th Doctor. There was no mystery about what the arc … Continue reading

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“The whole universe is in outrage, Doctor. Twenty-four worlds have been taken from the sky.”

Moving away from a single arc word the 2008 season of Doctor Who expanded on the previous plot arc. The arc relating to Saxon was ultimately foreshadowing the villain in the final two parter, laying the ground work for his … Continue reading

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