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“Sparrow and Nightingale! That so works!”

‘Blink’, by Steven Moffat, is probably the best of the Doctor-lite episodes. It is also the first story to feature the chilling Weeping Angels. They are the catalyst for this adventure, showing how weird time travel makes the world in … Continue reading

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Croatoan, Part 2

Gog explained that they followed the mighty god king Croatoan and that the settlements along the island coast were made up of various aliens from other worlds. Each able bodied man was to serve in his armada for 5 years … Continue reading

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Croatoan, Part 1

A great place to get ideas for games is the ‘Suppressed Transmission’ books by Kenneth Hite. Originally written for the GURPS roleplaying site Pyramid he uses his encyclopaedic knowledge of the weirder parts of history to inspire roleplaying games. With … Continue reading

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“Ignore all my previous theories before now.”

After the expansive landscapes and scope of ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ and ‘Day of the Moon’ we’re back in more claustrophobic territory with ‘The Curse of the Black Spot’ by Stephen Thompson. This isn’t the first time that the Doctor has … Continue reading

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“I think paradise is a little too green for me as well.”

‘Kinda’ was written for the 4th Doctor and Adric. Rather than rewrite the story to include all the companions Nyssa spends the adventure asleep in the TARDIS. Tegan, while an important part of the story, also spends a large portion … Continue reading

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“There is a difference between serious scientific investigation and meddling.”

Adric was originally supposed to be a thief, along the lines of the artful dodger. These origins can be seen in ‘Kinda‘, from his sleight of hand with the cell key to his attempts to convince Hindle he is on … Continue reading

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“Our suffering is the Mara’s delight, our madness the Mara’s meat and drink.”

Doctor Who is  generally grounded in science. Everything he encounters, no matter how fantastical, have a basis in reality, whether it be biological, technical or physics. Vampires, ghosts and werewolves have all been encountered and their existence explained. ‘Kinda’ takes … Continue reading

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“We’re not fighting an alien invasion; we’re leading a revolution!”

Does ‘Day of the Moon’ have the best pre-title sequence in Doctor Who? We’re three months after the incident at the warehouse and Amy is running for her life. To our horror we see that Canton is leading the hunting … Continue reading

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