“They are fast, faster than you can believe. Don’t turn your back, don’t look away, and don’t blink!”

Blink_697There may be other unseen abilities of the Weeping Angels. It is very curious that DI Billy Shipton says that in the last two years numerous vehicles have been found outside Wester Drumlins House. We can assume that the owners of the vehicles were victims of the Weeping Angels but the real question is why did so many people go there?

Is it possible that the Weeping Angels have some ability to psychically lure people there? Is this the reason that Sally felt compelled to explore the house? Could it also be part of the predestination of their choice in victim that makes them travel there?

There might be a more mundane reason for why they were lured there. The Weeping Angels could have written to them or left them phone messages, a possibility that is dependent on how intelligent you think they are and if they are able to speak.

It might be that the Weeping Angels kidnap people, in the hopes of drawing their hostages loved ones to the house to be fed upon. This in itself would be the good basis of an adventure.

Of course the cars being found outside Weston Drumlins doesn’t mean that is where the Weeping Angels despatched their victims. From their tracking of Sally across the city we know they can leave the house so it could be that they also hunt in other areas.

Once they have sent a victim into the past they might decide they’d rather no risk being spotted while travelling home and so steal their car. They abandon the vehicles outside the house knowing that the police won’t think the statues in the house are responsible.

This does conjure up the rather bizarre image of a group of Weeping Angels cruising around the city in a stolen car, looking for victims. To avoid a nasty traffic accident they’d need to tint the windows to prevent anyone from looking in while they are driving.

A group of player characters could be in for a surprise if they are hounded by a sinister vehicle only to find that the Weeping Angels are behind the wheel. This allows the Angels to follow or attack the player characters and should they need to escape all they have to do is get out of sight and abandon the car.

It should also be remembered that the Weeping Angels don’t only attack using their temporal exile ability. When Sally first enters the house a Weeping Angel throws a rock at her. Only the message from the Doctor, written under the peeling wallpaper, stops her from receiving a head injury.

The stone throw does give us a few more clues about their ‘unseen’ state. While they can move quickly the velocity of the stone is the same we’d expect from any object thrown by a regular human. It wasn’t as fast as a bullet and it doesn’t punch in the wall when it misses Sally or reduce the stone to dust.

Player characters shouldn’t get complacent when dealing with a Weeping Angel. Just because one isn’t close enough to touch them doesn’t mean the Weeping Angel won’t throw or drop something on them from a distance.

The Weeping Angels use their speed to trap their prey. They demonstrate this when they lock Sally and Larry in the house. If the player characters are thinking of escape they might find the Angels have put obstacles in their way.

We know from the Doctor that the Weeping Angels feed on the potential time energy left behind when they exile a victim to the past. Without this energy ‘Time of Angels’ shows that they loose their definition, looking more like eroded statues than carefully crafted ones.

They attempt to gain entry to the TARDIS to feed upon the time energy within. This could keep the four Weeping Angels going forever. Strangely the Doctor says that the damage they could do could switch off the sun.

What are we to make of this statement? Is the Doctor concerned that something like the events in ‘The Pandorica Opens’ would occur, the Weeping Angels causing the TARDIS to explode and extinguish the stars.

If this were the case why didn’t the Doctor make it clearer? Was he instead worried that with no need to feed the Angels would focus on something else? Did he believe their energy manipulation powers would be boosted and they’d be able to turn off not just a light bulb but the sun itself?

Just how much time energy do the Weeping Angels require in order to achieve this level of power? This could be the start of an adventure, with the player characters discovering the reason a planets sun is unexpectedly dying is because of a group of well fed Angels.

One could see how plunging a whole planet into darkness would benefit Weeping Angels. Could it be that this is a tactic the Doctor is aware of and guarding against. Since they feed on time they make natural enemies for Time Lords, especially as both are ancient.

The number of Weeping Angels in a single adventure can drastically alter the feel of a game. One is enough to be a real threat and a lone Angel avoids the risk of being frozen in place by another of its species. This does leave it vulnerable to those who know its weakness which could lead to its capture.

Blink_714Small groups make the most sense, allowing them to co-ordinate and keep each other safe. Larger groups are trickier but can overwhelm opponents with sheer numbers. Some thought should be given as well to just how does the potential energy get consumed. Does only the Angel who sent a person into the past get to feed or does the energy get released into the area allowing all Angels present to absorb part of it. This will affect how the Angels hunt.

Some thought should be given to the Weeping Angels appearance. Do they always resemble stone angels or could they take other forms. In ‘Time of Angels’ we see they can look different, although that could be due to their malnourishment. The end montage of statues in all shapes and forms also implies that anyone of them could be an Angel.

Giving a Weeping Angel a less obvious statue form could surprise player characters. Non-humanoid statues such as that of an animal or a mythical creature like a gargoyle also allows you to give them appropriate abilities to match.

As creatures of the abstract you are really only limited by your imagination.

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