“Captain, you’re not dealing with human beings here.”

Remembrance of the Daleks’ features two warring factions and introduces the Special Weapon Dalek. They have come a long way since their first appearance and are markedly different from the more advanced versions encountered after the Time War.

I’ve group these Daleks into the same group as those seen as ‘The Chase’ and ‘Dalek Master Plan’. The reason for this is that they have mastered time travel and since they are the last we see of them before the new series I’ve decided they should come at the ‘end’ of their history.

Due to this I’ve included abilities that they had in those other stories which does not necessarily mean that they displayed them in this particular story.

dalek_renegade_firing_weaponChase/Dalek Master Plan/Remembrance of the Daleks Era Dalek

Awareness 3 Coordination 2 Ingenuity 3 Presence 4 Resolve 3 Strength 4


Armour [Major Trait] – Made from Dalekanium the shell reduces damage by 15

Fear Factor [2] – More primitive and limited than later models these Daleks gain +4 to rolls when they are trying to scare people.

Natural Weapon – Exterminator (S/L/L) It’s lowest setting, instead of stunning, paralyses a person from the waist down. This passes after 30 minutes.

Natural Weapon – Flamethrower

Some Daleks, instead of a sucker arm, are fitted with Flamethrowers. If they successfully hit a target their target is set alight. They have one turn to put themselves out. If they get a disastrous result this is lethal damage. Damage is then (8/6/4).

Perceptor [Special Good Trait]

This new, spherical, attachment to the upper hemisphere of the Dalek allows it to receive a wide range of signals. It provides scans of the nearby area, allowing it to locate time ships, movement and structural layouts. The device gives the Dalek a +5 to awareness checks when it stops to activate the device.

Flight:  At this stage the Daleks have been fitted with a hover unit, allowing them to float up, just above any solid surface. This allows them to ascend stairs and rise up from quicksand. They move at Speed 1 while hovering.

Vortex [Special/Alien Good Trait] The Daleks have mastered time travel and can pilot any time ship they have access to.

Skill: Convince 3, Fighting 4, Marksman 3, Medicine 2, Science 5, Technology 4, Survival 4

Story Points: 2-5

The Daleks are a force to be reckoned with, having spent hundreds of years conquering solar systems. They have made their first steps into time travel but are still intent on using conventional invasion tactics to try to take over the entire universe.

After many set backs the Daleks use their modest time ships to seek and eliminate problems that have plagued them in the past. Their first targets are Time Lords that have proven to be enemies of the Daleks.

They report to a Supreme Commander and have access to advanced technology, including the Reproducer which can create a robot duplicate of any subject placed within it.

The Daleks still retain individual character, with a wide variance in skills and ability. Some struggle with mathematics while others are more sadistic or blood thirsty than the others.

By the time of Remembrance of the Daleks Davros has split their forces in two. Assuming the role of Dalek Emperor those that defy him, not conforming to the design he has established, are decreed to be rebels. This further indicates that the Daleks have free will to an extent, able to choose sides and whether they will conform.

Both sides travel back to the 1960s to obtain the Stellar Manipulator which will give which ever side controls it the upper hand.

st--7h39_4615Special Weapon Dalek, Remembrance of the Daleks Era

Awareness 2 Coordination 2 Ingenuity 1 Presence 2 Resolve 4 Strength 5


Armour [Major Trait] – Made from Dalekanium the shell reduces damage by 20

Fear Factor [4] – The size and power of this Dalek model inspires fear as soon as it is seen. Daleks gain +8 to rolls when trying to inspire fear.

Natural Weapon – Special Weapon (20/40/L) The special weapon is a larger, more powerful version of a Dalek’s exterminator gun. It produces a loud bang when used.

Vortex [Special/Alien Good Trait] – The Daleks have mastered time travel and can pilot any time ship they have access to.

Mute [Major Bad Trait] The redesigned Dalek chassis does not let it host speak.

Skill: Convince 1, Fighting 4, Marksman 5

Story Points: 1-3

The equivalent of a tank this model of the Dalek is designed to withstand more damage and deal a lot more damage. The lifespan of such a Dalek is limited as they go mad much more quickly, due to both the lack of sensory input due to the increased armour and because the new cybernetic links cause the Dalek constant pain. It is a mercy that they are provided with the technology to speak. For this reason there are limited numbers of Special Weapon Daleks.

The existence of Special Weapon Daleks indicate that both sides are attempting to create new specialised versions to break the stale mate between them. They have become aware that the default type of Dalek is not suited in every situation.

This opens up lots of possibilities for other Daleks, designed for specific duties or environments. There could be stealth Daleks, their shielding making them invisible to the naked eye and electronic devices, deep space Daleks equipped to travel through the vacuum of space and survive re-entry or electronic warfare Daleks, fitted with the equipment to tap into networks and the processing power to bring down the system.

Such Dalek models should be limited. They are rare and shouldn’t be a faction in themselves. This could either be because they are expensive to make or put additional mental stress on their ‘pilot’.

Making them rare serves to make them stand out and prevents the Daleks from deciding to wipe them out for being ‘different’. They are kept as a tool, designed to turn the odds in their favour when their usual tactics fail.

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  2. misterharry says:

    Very nice. I particularly like the idea that the Special Weapons Dalek is just one in a series of specialist Dalek designs. I’m inspired to come up with ideas for other specialists for my own campaign.

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